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TOPIC: Tid-Bits -What are they?

Tid-Bits -What are they? 3 years 11 months ago #8798

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Tid-Bits are those small Revelations from His Holy Spirit that are you trying to "tie" together ...
to form His Truth ... His Story :)

What I want here is just the Revelations you are shown while reading His Word -
being out and about "going to and fro" and see or hear something that brings His Word to Mind ...
not " questions " on dreams and visions that need to be sorted out .. not here !!
( may need a place for those, too )

We All are shown pieces of Truth and here we can "tie" All our "threads'' together ...
and possibly make "a Place of Healing and Shelter Under His Wings" ;)

Nothing in here is "Written in Stone" -and not for debate - ...
just sharing of ideas ... helping others "tie up their loose ends..."

Keep them short and to the point ... so the rest of us don't get lost ...
and PLEASE DO use His Word to show us "where it is written" ... B)

This will get mixed up SO IF one thread gets you off on another "train of thought -on a different track" ...
make a note what post # lead you there... and start a new thread -include this "subjects name and post # "
and we can keep each subject clean but know where the "idea" came from ...

This is just my Calling and Work and Love ...
so this will keep my nose out of other places I have no knowledge about -
but still stick my two-cents in ... :blush:

( I may come back to this post from time to time to clarify why "Tid-Bits" is here ...
will note additions with PS's at bottom ... )

First PS: :whistle:
I have many, many wordpads saved with small Revelations already worked on so ...
many of my first post will be quite long ... Please forgive me for going against the "rules" already ... :(
I hope you can make 'heads and tails" of them ... ( I just Love word-plays" don't you ?!! :laugh:

Enjoy !! and use as it was intended ... for further Wisdom and Truth given Only by His Holy Spirit !!

Second PS :huh:
This Subject is just for getting the "rules" and wants of others included ...

so do not post here -unless you have ideas on how to set up Tid-Bits

Any further Tid-Bits you have ... Start another Subject !!! Thanks !!
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