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TOPIC: Following Moses or Following Jesus (Y'shua) ?

Following Moses or Following Jesus (Y'shua) ? 2 years 2 months ago #13071

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Some thoughts I wrote in a reply to someone concerning following Moses vs following Y'shua

Moses never got it right all the time. Not eating pork will, for example never produce a pure heart (and I'm not saying eat pork here), however IN LIGHT of the Words of Y'shua - NEVER eating the PIGSLOP of the world will go a long way towards producing a pure heart. One must always LOOK to Y'shua first for He is the only PERFECT one. He came to FUFILL (complete what was LACKING in the Torah). The Torah of Moses is not the Torah of YHWH. The Torah of YHWH is COMPLETE and REFINED SEVEN TIMES. The Torah of YHWH should be looked at FIRST by looking at the Word's of Y'shua and THEN seeing how He applied the Words and what He fulfilled, then look at HOW to apply the Words of Moses (which are NOT all the Word of YHWH despite what people think). Not following Moses but following the Words of Y'shua wholeheartedly will in no way produce lawlessness.

Torah should be read "Instructions" and not "law of Moses"

I have seen people following Torah of Moses but I too, have seen people who are doing so, forgetting to follow the Torah of Y'shua. One cannot serve two masters.

Regarding "We find Messiah always pointing back to Moses"

Messiah many times said Moses said unto you (in other words Messiah did not say it - Moses did), and followed with BUT I SAY UNTO YOU ... obviously Moses words were incomplete/not honourable.

And .."we follow the word and covenant Given to Moses to deliver to us".

In response to this (and this is a truth seeking question) - do you not therefore follow the Words' of Y'shua given by and through Y'shua to deliver to us and to deliver us from evil? Or do you follow Moses?

If I follow Y'shua I listen to Him. He is perfection and sinless and His Words if followed do not lead one to sinfulness but rather lead one OUT OF SIN. Show me just one person who follows the Words of Y'shua perfectly and who is sinning and/or living in sin?
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