The Issue of Apostleship and the Caring of Widows

By Thomas Cossette

First and foremost, I would like to say everyone has the Spirit of God dwelling in them, for he lightens everyone one that comes into the world. All are without excuse; the issue is do you believe this.  Do you have the courage to listen to the inner voice of truth, that revealing truth which divides between soul and spirit, joint and marrow?  It is this quickening that is the salvation of your souls. For the light of life is in the blood.

We all say we are covered by the blood of Jeshua, but do we know what we are saying when we make that statement?  Yes, Jeshua poured out his blood (life) on Calvary not just for us, but for the whole world.  He poured out his LIFE (blood) to take possession of the judgment.  Truly the whole earth and everything in it is covered, judgment of the quick and the dead all belongs to Jeshua.  This is the truth.

Yet Jeshua said we must drink his life (blood) to have life.  When you do this, it reveals the sin in you because his life is now in you.  For the life is in the blood.  His life (blood) does not mask our sin or hide our sins.  To the contrary, it reveals our sin so we can repent and bring forth fruit worthy of repentance, thus removing our sinful ways.  This is not a one time event, but a daily process.  This is salvation.  Those who put his cup to their lips and drink all of it, they are the ones who will see life!

Salvation is not just acknowledging that he died for your sins on the cross.  Salvation is believing he is risen from death and his life is now alive in you.  It is then each of us having the courage to obey that inner calling of truth from within can by acknowledging that truth try the spirits.  Those who drink of his life live by following that inner calling, not by following traditions taught as scriptural.  This was the trust the Pharisees had in the scriptures, and Jeshua said to them “Ye search the scriptures for in them you think you have eternal life yet it is they (those scriptures) that testify of me, but you will no come to me so you can have life.”  It is his voice that does not rest day or night until it reaches the center of the core of your being.  Then you find rest, then you find his peace in its “self existing truth.”  This is the name (nature) of God.  Ask yourself, do you turn away from the inner voice of truth to follow outwardly taught traditions? Saying, praise God, I am covered by the blood! This only acknowledges Jeshua has bought your judgment.  Those who seek to drink his entire cup and obey that inner voice of self existing truth (truth that stands on its own) are the ones who have salvation.

So many worship and venerate their containers (their systems of worship) that they try to capture truth in, rather than the truth itself.  This is the subtlest form of idolatry there is, and many practice it.  Truth will not rest day or night until it is free standing at the center of your being. Salvation is for those who love the truth.

Saying that, we need to look at Paul’s writing in 1st Timothy 5:1-16 when Timothy was still at Ephesus.

At this time in history being a disciple of Jeshua of Nazareth often caused a person to be disowned by their family.  Especially in the city of Ephesus which was the world headquarters of the worship of Diana.  Her temple was there and it was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  Most all widows among the disciples of Jeshua at this time were widowed by martyrdom on their spouse’s part for one's testimony of faith in Jeshua.  Also, the newly fledgling (church) hardly had time to raise a second generation by then, that is to say raise a generation of children up in the Lord.  The faith in Messiah was that new.  Also, few lived to sixty years of age in those times and especially a destitute widow, the chances of her surviving to sixty so she could be taken care of by the church would have been uncommon.  So this edict nearly completely abrogated the leadership of caring for the widows among them.  They set a standard so high that if one could reach sixty years of age, she would most likely never attain to the unbelievably high standard set forth in this litmus test.  Again, this ensured that they in Paul’s concept of church leadership would not have to see to their care.

Next, to accuse the younger widows as waxing wanton against Messiah for wanting a husband to help raise her children and or to produce more children to the Lord is an unconscionable statement.  The Law, the prophets, Jeshua, and his apostles, all taught if a man comes to such a woman’s aid and takes her to wife he does a good thing.  He raises seed for his brethren that have perished so his line lives on to the gathering.  Those true to the faith encouraged their brethren to take such women to them.  They did not look down on them!  They took pity on them and honored them and their fallen brethren.  To equate such women as to turning after Satan is not the Spirit of Jeshua, or his apostles or what the prophets taught.  What is taught as the righteous train of thought as from the prophets and Jeshua and his apostles is completely absent in 1st Timothy 5:1-16.  What is there is a covert distain for women that subtly surfaces in many of Paul’s writing towards women.

No matter what kind of spin anyone may try to put on Paul’s writing to justify what is in 1st Timothy, history is a witness against them.  Of all the churches that build on Paul’s administrated doctrines, not one of them has taken care of their widows.  To the contrary, they have been robbing the widows and the orphans of their allotted portions to expand their institutions.  Jeshua rebuked the Pharisees for doing the same thing.  Jeshua said over and over, you will know them by their fruits.

It is no wonder that within the next year or so, by the time Paul pens his second letter to Timothy, he states in 2nd Timothy 1:15 all Asia had turn away from Paul and his disciples.

What Jeshua said in Revelations 2:2 and 2:14-15 and 2:20-21 seems to refer to Paul.  These things that Jeshua rebukes these churches for are taught by only one group and can be found in 1st Corinthians chapter 8.  This teaching in 1st Corinthians seductively dismisses what is written to the churches in Acts 15: 28-29.  It is also no coincidence what Jeshua said concerning the Nic-o-la-tanes, and no coincidence that Paul and his cohort wintered in Ni-cop-o-lis (Titus 3:12), after being rejected in Ephesus and Asia, for the two are one and the same.  The subjects of widows and the eating of things sacrificed to idols are just two of many issues that fail the test when the light of truth is put to Paul’s teaching.  The animosity “Gentile Christians” had with Jews is fomented by Paul’s teaching to the point “Jacobites,” as they were known (Jewish disciples of Jeshua), were hunted to extinction making the “Church” gentile in all its ways.

All one has to do is love the truth and the truth will set you free.  The church is a state of the heart with your neighbor.  It is a “way” it is not an organization.  He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

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