Exodus 23:7

ALMIGHTY IN EXODUS 23:7 "Keep thee far from a false matter;
and the innocent and righteous slay thou not; for I WILL NOT
RIGHTEOUS" (Psalm 14:5. Matthew 13:17).

Shalom friends of Yeshuwa' Mashiyach

I want to express my gratitude for your eye-opener of a document
in your web site titled "Christian corruptions of scripture". As a
consequence I enquired of our local Presbyterian minister here in
Portrush, Northern Ireland for his explanation of the clear
contradiction between the words of Yehvah in Exodus 23:7 "...I
WILL NOT JUSTIFY THE UNGODLY" and the teaching of Paul in
Romans 4:5: 'trust him who justifies the ungodly'.

You probably will not be surprised to learn that the presbyterian
minister in question trampled on the precious words in his writing
the plain lie that Exodus 23:7 does "NOT teach" that "I (YeHVaH)
teaches that "man will not justify the wicked (ungodly)". The sheer
audacity of this particular minister of Paul and Presbyterians to
dare "take away the word "I (YeHVah)" and replace it with "man" in
order to uphold the lies of Paul in Romans 4:5 just beggars belief. I
now clearly see that the false apostle Paul and his Christian
ministers, such as the Presbyterians, will go to any lengths to
confirm that they hate the very words of THE ALMIGHTY in Exodus

I have since done some further checking and find that there are at
least 53 separate 'factions' of Presbyterianism published by The
Presbyterian Historical Society who all "hate one another" as
stated in Barretts Christian Encyclopedia.

The curse of these christian 'factions' and hatreds is evident for all
to see here in Northern Ireland where the Presbyterian 'factions'
despise and hate one another as well as their multi-faction
Baptists, Methodists, and Roman catholic neighbours (ALL
FALSELY claiming to being 'saved' by Paul's false gospel).

For fifteen years of my life I was deceived into believing the Pauline
lie; first preached to me by a Baptist pastor; that I would be saved
if I "hold fast (believed) the word" preached by Paul that "christ died
for my sins according to the scripture and that he was buried and
rose again on the third day as the scriptures had foretold and that
he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve, after that he appeared
to more than five hundred brethren.." (1 Corinthians 15:7).

During the subsequent fifteen years I found myself still NOT "saved
from my sins"; and tossed around from one Baptist pastor to
another and later from one Presbyterian and other christian
assembly to another.

Thankfully I had no rest in my spirit as I began to study FOR
MYSELF the Four Gospel writings of Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John. Over the last five years my eyes were opened to see that the
so called 'gospel' preached by Paul was completely different to the
"Gospel of The Kingdom" (Matthew 24:14. Mark 1:15) preached by
Yeshuwa' and his twelve apostles, particularly Peter, Matthew and

The blessed words of Yeshuwa' in which he confirmed that there
the lies of the false apostle 'Paul' that "there is none righteous, not
even one" (Romans 3:10). Yeshuwa' says "MANY RIGHTEOUS
MEN" Paul says 'none righteous'. The blessed words of Yeshuwa'
in Matthew 13:17 SET ME FREE from the Pauline and christian

Your document which reveals that Paul corrupted the blessed
words of Psalm 14:1 to cement his lie that 'There is none righteous'
shows to what extent Paul and his christian clergy will go to
CONTRADICT the words of Yeshuwa'.

During this period I understood why those who preached and
believed Paul's false 'gospel' were themselves completely
UNSAVED FROM THEIR SINS and devoid of love in their dealings
and attitudes towards their fellow believers and neighbours simply
because they were and are believing the "LIE" (Revelation 22:15) of
1 Corinthians 15:7.

Paul and his christian appointees the Popes, Calvin, Luther and
their followers have and continue to make war with their neighbours
and enemies and the poor instead of loving them. I came to see, for
example, that Calvin, the founder of Presbyterianism, had no
qualms about murdering Michael Calvitus by burning him alive at
the stake in Geneva. Calvin explained that he was doing what Paul
did when he had Hymenaeus and Alexander committed to Satan (1
Timothy 1:20) to be murdered by the Romans. Likewise with every
Pope and every follower of Calvin and Luther.

The bloody history of Christianity bears testimony to the evil fruits
of christian murders and slaughters of COUNTLESS MILLIONS in
christian crusades, gas chambers, ghettoes, and wars in Vietnam,
Iraq, Northern Ireland etc as commanded by Satan through Paul.

I read it plainly stated in the word preached by the apostle John
(1 John 3:15) and that anyone who thinks otherwise is deceiving
himself or herself. I am now FULLY PERSUADED from Scripture
that Paul, Calvin, Luther and the Popes and christian clergy who
have sent their deluded followers to war in christian Crusades,
Vietnam, Northern Ireland, Iraq and elsewhere were and are
themselves "MURDERERS" as are those who carry out their evil
instructions and DO NOT "have everlasting life abiding in them" (1
John 3:15).

By The Great Mercy of Yehvah Elohiym I have rejected the false
gospel and evil deeds of christians by accepting the divine invitation
to "Repent and believe this Gospel of The Kingdom of heaven"
(Matthew 24:14. Mark 1:15).

It is my prayer that the eyes of our people (particularly here in
Northern Ireland) will be quickly opened to see for themselves the
"demons" (Revelation 18:2) of christianity lurking in our midst and
causing such havoc amongst the people.

I and my family have now accepted the Invitation of Yeshuwa' to
"Repent and believe the Gospel of the Kingdom of heaven"
(Matthew 24:14. Mark 1:15) and NOW at long last are experiencing
real "SALVATION FROM OUR SINS" and "PEACE" through The
"Prince of peace" (Isaiah 9:6).

Samuel Crone, Northern Ireland

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