Do you know who he is? Part 5

[Note: This article is a hard-hitting and direct approach at Paul. Do not read if you are easily offended or want to remain in a comfort zone. There is much to learn from this article though] 

An Antichrist Is the Great "Apostle" Paul
a.k.a. Saul of Tarsus, the "Gobble 'em up!" turkey from Turkey, the head of Christianity.

His name Saul means "asked for." His name Paul means "little." The Christians asked for little, and they got it. And what a sleazy, slimy scumbag from Hell he is, too.

Paul's given name Saul also means "son of the right hand" in fulfillment of Zechariah 3.1.
And he (the angel) showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan standing at His right hand to resist Him.

The symbolism is easy to discern.
The high priest Joshua is Jesus.
In the time line of human history, Saul / Paul came right after Jesus's resurrection.
Saul's letters stand to the right hand of the Gospel; i.e., we have to turn the pages of the Bible to the right in order to get to Paul's letters.
The Christians consider Paul to be Jesus' right-hand man / His greatest apostle.
And Paul's letters are loaded with blasphemies that gravely war against and resist obedience to Jesus.

Now notice that Zechariah refers to Paul as Satan. Why? Because he is. Saul / Paul is Satan-in-the-flesh. Surprise, surprise, LaVey. That creepo -- the head honcho of the people you hate the most -- is the very same guy you are worshiping. Are you still thinking you're so smart?

If the reader is wondering how Anton LaVey and his Satanists could be worshiping Paul, the answer is already given: Paul is Satan-in-the-flesh, and the core of what Paul taught -- blasphemies against God Almighty, self-exaltation, hatred, self-indulgence, and willful disobedience to God's commandments -- is precisely what Satanists teach, too. In addition, full-blown Satanists are filled with the exact same evil spirits with which Paul and his Christians are consumed; i.e., they are addicted to the emotional intoxication that is hooked to practicing exceedingly inappropriate behaviors. Stated succinctly, Satanists -- whether they label themselves Christians, Muslims, or Satanists -- are adrenaline junkies, plain and simple. And the dis-ease of addiction to adrenaline rushes can be every bit as progressive and deadly as is the addiction to alcohol and/or other mood- and mind-altering chemicals.

If the reader does not know who Paul is, he is the man whose epistles (letters) fill roughly two-thirds of the New Testament of the Bible. The first four books of the New Testament are the Gospel. Next comes the book of The Acts of the Apostles, (abbreviated form Acts) most of which focuses on Paul's activities. Following the book of Acts comes Paul's letters. Paul wrote the books entitled Romans, I and II Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I and II Thessalonians, I and II Timothy, Titus, Philemon, and I and II Peter.

Know that the Christians believe that the disciple Peter wrote I and II Peter. Peter did not write those filthy letters, however. Those books are Paul talking. Paul merely forged the letters in order to deceive Christyins into believing that Peter was a supporter and promoter of Paul. If you want to know how I know, the answer is because God proved it to me Spiritually. Proof to you is provided in the 12th section of MISOGYNY. Of course, I wouldn't be a bit surprised but what God will also enable scientists, historians, archeologists, etc. to prove this assertion is true.

Know something else. After Paul went his own way separated from the Lord's disciples, the disciple Peter (the rock upon whom the Lord will yet build His church) and the Lord's brother James wrote a letter warning people that Paul was a heavy-duty bad guy. Christianity had already been founded by then, however. The Christians had already become Paul's disciples, had been poisoned by the asp, and were fueled by Paul's evil spirits. Therefore, the Christians destroyed Peter's and James' letter to cover up for Paul and themselves.

The existence of Peter's letter is known only because the early Christian fathers wrote responses to it, and those responses are still floating around. I leave proof of this assertion to the scientists and Truth-seeking historians. Nevertheless, because Peter is the rock on whom the Lord will yet build His church, I strongly suspect that a copy of James' and Peter's letter is still in existence. My guess is that God has it hidden somewhere -- perhaps in the Vatican -- and that the letter will be found soon in much the same way that the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered which, in turn, help to prove the authenticity of the King James Version of the Old Testament scriptures of the Bible.

Considering Christianity is so divided, the reader may be wondering how it could be that only one man, Paul, is the leader of all Christian sects and denominations. First of all, the answer comes from knowing that regardless of the sect, all of Christianity holds to core beliefs that stem only from Paul. According to Christians, Paul is THE ultimate authority on God and the gaining of salvation. And the number one belief promoted by Paul is, "In order to gain salvation, you must disobey God's commandments, and obey ME instead!"
Only one person, Paul, unites all of Christendumb under the idiotic belief that they do not have to obey God's commandments in order to gain salvation. They MUST, however, obey Paul's commandments. Therein does Paul deny the Father. Therein does Paul NOT WALK after God's commandments.
Paul unites all of Christendumb under the umbrella belief that there is nothing a person can do to earn his own salvation, so therefore it's okay to do any low-down, dirty rotten thing you want to do, and you'll still get to go to Heaven. That Paul "speaks of the world" relates to his issuing commandments that lock Christians into codependency, inappropriate sex, and the quest for money, property, prestige, and the power to manipulate and control other people. Paul's focus on race, gender, and status also locks the Christians into practicing iniquity / unequity / sex, race, age, status ... discrimination.
Only one person, Paul, unites all of Christendumb under the idiotic belief that they do not have to believe and obey the Savior in order to gain salvation. Because the Master amplifies and purifies God's commandments, therein does Paul deny the Father and the Son, and therein does Paul not confess that Jesus Christ is come in His own flesh to save all of humanity by means of the Master Himself teaching us the right way to be.
Only one person, Paul, unites all of Christendumb under the idiotic belief that Paul himself, not Jesus, came to preach the REAL Gospel, so Christians are obliged to obey Paul, not Jesus, in order to gain salvation. Their adherence to Paul's lies did indeed result in Satan's successful attempts to supplant Jesus as the Xians' "Savior."
Only one person, Paul, unites all of Christendumb under the idiotic belief that Jesus died on the cross to save people from their sins so that they could go on sinning and not suffer the consequences for their own exceedingly inappropriate behavior anymore.
Only one person, Paul, unites all of Christendumb under the idiotic belief that obeying the Savior is of evil because anybody who does the works the Lord commands us to do is a braggart who is damned to hell.
Only one person, Paul, unites all of Christendumb under the idiotic belief that Adam and Eve are the biological ancestors of all humans on planet Earth, and that all human infants (except Mary, if the Christian is Catholic) are born wicked and sinful.
Only one person, Paul, unites all of Christendumb under the umbrella belief that women are less than fully human, and are to be held in submission to the will of wicked, terroristic males.
Only one person, Paul, suckers all of Christendumb into worshiping the death of the Savior -- the very One the Christians claim to love, worship, and adore.
Only one person, Paul, heads so many antichrists: the Xians.
And only one person, Paul, suckers all of Christendumb into believing that the antichrist is YET to come when the very person who first coined the word antichrist, the disciple John, tells us loud and clear:
I John 4.3 Every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God, and this is that spirit of antichrist whereof you have heard that it should come, and even now already is it in the world.
I John 2.18 Little children, it is the last time. As you have heard that the antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists whereby we know that it is the last time. 19They went out from us, but they were not of us, for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us. But they went out that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.

Ninety per cent of what Christianity teaches and preaches stems directly from the anti-Christ's dogmanure. For Christians, Paul's writings are the most memorized, quoted, and preached scriptures in the Bible. They swallow Paul's lies, and then spit his venom out at people to:
justify their own rotten behaviors, and
assault other humans very much the same way that black-necked cobras spit venom to blind the victims of their attacks.

Probably the greatest forewarning that Paul is the antichrist comes straight from the Savior, of course. In Luke 21.8 and Matthew 24.5 combined, while forewarning His disciples of the terror to come, He said:
"Take heed that you be not deceived, for many shall come in my name saying I am Christ, and shall deceive many, and the time draws near. Go you not therefore after them."
Only the Christians come in the Lord's name.
The Christians do indeed say that Jesus is Christ.
Only the Christian religion fulfills the Lord's warning that the timing of their apostasy drew near.
Paul is the head of the Christians.
Thus, the Christians are the deceivers of many, and
Paul, their head honcho, is the antichrist.

Further, unlike what the Christians teach, the story of the Creation and the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden are prophecies told in the form of analogies.
The Garden of Eden is the Garden of Eating; i.e., the Bible and the realm of Spirituality.
Within the Bible is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; i.e., Paul's letters, so described because Paul knew the difference between good and evil, and willfully chose to do, teach, and preach that which is of ultimate evil.
The Tree of Life is the Gospel. We are to eat up (study, savor, swallow, digest, and live in obedience to) the Tree of Life. We are NOT to eat (swallow, digest, believe, and obey) Paul's dogmanure.
Adam and Eve are character representations of the many people who were seduced away from obeying God's commandments by the serpent / antiChrist / Satan / the devil / the prince of this world / Paul. They, the Christians, ate up Paul's fruits from his Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (his letters), got spiritually poisoned in the process, and then got kicked out of the Garden of Eating, the Bible and the realm of Spirituality.

That Adam and Eve represent Christians who got kicked out of the Garden of Eating (the Bible) and died Spiritually is revealed in their inability to perceive the Lord's Doctrine combined with each Christians' personal failure to make and/or sustain direct, conscious contact with God. Unlike the Christians who cannot even perceive the Gospel, the serpent Paul did. He knew right from wrong, good from evil, and willfully chose to teach, preach, and perform that which is of ultimate evil in order to seduce people into worshiping himself as being superior to God and His Son.

Christians understand very little of the Gospel, The Revelation, or the writings of the prophets, including the writings of Moses. Because they lack the experiences of the Spirit of God and His Son within themselves, they are also very ignorant of God and His will for man. In short, their claim that their teachings are "mysteries of God that man is never supposed to understand" is hogwash! Gaining the ability to perceive God's Doctrine is at the very heart of man's gaining salvation.

Paul's being the antichrist is partially revealed in the awareness that Christians esteem Paul's dogma to be superior to the Doctrine of the Son of God. That Christians place so much faith, trust and belief in the teachings of the antichrist while simultaneously trusting so little of the Master's Doctrine tells us loud and clear that Christians have indeed placed their faith in the antichrist and made him their god.

Even when preachers quote from the Gospel, they turn right around and override the Lord's Doctrine with teachings from Paul. Because Paul's teachings actively war against adherence to the Gospel, the preachers themselves turn into antichrists who snatch Truth away from the hearers of the Gospel. I wonder how many times I have heard preachers say, "Now we know that Jesus didn't really mean this because back here the great apostle Paul says blah, blah, blah [its opposite]," and, "Now we know that Jesus was only talking to His disciples back then, because back here the great apostle Paul says blah, blah, blah [its opposite]." Oh, so Jesus only came to earth so wicked people could crucify Him so that a few years later Paul could come to give us the real Truth, eh, preacher man?

The awareness that Paul is the prince of this world stems from seeing and experiencing his dogma and evil spirits being in control of Christianity which in turn has the greatest number of adherents including the greatest number of world leaders. For proof, all one has to do is check out all the national flags that display the Christyin cross. Overall, Christian nations possess the most education, wealth, technology, and weaponry, etc. Christians also hold the most powerful positions of authority, and make most of the decisions that affect our daily lives.
First, Paul's dogma is taught to Christians at church.
Because we humans operate from our beliefs, the Christians then act out according to what they have been taught to believe.
Since the people who believe Paul have the greatest power to lord over others,
and Paul is in control of the Christians,
Paul is in control of the world.

Even the people who do not study what Paul says believe Paul's dogma vicariously. They do so because all the Christians who are supposedly experts on God teach and preach that what Paul said is true. Any person who lacks direct, conscious contact with the Spirit of God is very likely to trust his priests and preachers as being experts in the realm of Spirituality. Thus, they do as those "experts" tell them to do.

Too many of the people who study Paul's teachings and see at least some of his insanity do not trust themselves or the Spirit within them telling them that what Paul said and did is horribly evil. Therein do the Christians comply with that old erroneous maxim that claims, "Well, if everybody else says thus and so, it must be true!" They go along with the teachings even when their own little kid gut feelings and conscience tell them experientially that what they are seeing and doing is wrong.

Perceiving how Paul's dogma controls even non-Christians can be gained by the historical example of women being denied the right to vote in America. The vast majority of people who held positions of authority were Christian males. Paul's priests and preachers teach Christians from childhood that women are less than fully human and are to be held in submission to the will of dominant males. Therefore, women were deprived of the right to vote because people did not want this nation's decision-making process "fouled up by females" whom they believed God considers to be less than fully human and incompetent to vote wisely. AARGH!

That to this day, women in America are, overall, held in submission to male dominance is directly due to Paul's dogma. He tells the Christians that females are servants to males, and the Christians take their beliefs to work with them. Many male bosses are so poisoned by the belief that they lack even the elementary ability to separate a human being from his gender to instead judge based on the value of the workmanship being performed. How sad.

Knowing that Paul is a god to Christians stems in part from personal experience that can be validated by any human who is willing to take the risks. I simply spoke the Master's Doctrine in response to Christians' quotes from Paul. Because what they believe and teach is so oppositional and combative to God's Truth, the Christians turn into rabid attack dogs whenever their beliefs are challenged by the Gospel. They actually believe that Paul is so holy that anybody who speaks up against Paul's blasphemy is condemned to hell. And yet, they deny that they worship Satan-in-the-flesh, Paul.

The paradox is that not one Christian believes all of what Paul teaches. Nobody can. His dogma wars against itself. He intentionally issues commandments that directly oppose one another in order to create Christian divisiveness, chaos, and anarchy. Christian leaders pick and choose which pieces of Paul they want to believe, trash the rest, and then establish a Christian sect based on which of those pieces of Paul's scraptures they want to believe. Then fueled by Paul's evil spirits, the Christians war like the devil against one another.

For example, only charismatic Christians babble in unknown tongues. All other Christian sects denounce the practice. Many fundamentalist, non-charismatic preachers will, in fact, preach and teach that babbling in unknown tongues as prescribed by Paul is idiotic and of evil. Those preachers are right. What exposes the schizophrenic splitting of the mind of those same non-charismatic preachers, however, is that they turn right around and repeat Paul's claims that everything written in the Bible is God's Truth, and fail to see the lack of logic in what they say.

Another example of how Paul divides people is given by the actions Christian feminists. They know that Paul's misogyny is the number one source for the Christian degradation of females. Thus, they seek to end Paul's dehumanization of females by first quoting what he said that wars against us females. Then they seek to disarm those false teachings by quoting another of his scriptures in which Paul ridiculously exalts women. All the while the feminists failed to see what Paul was really up to.

What Paul was really up to is revealed by God when we ask Him why Paul so vilely attacked women in the first place. The answer is that Paul is Satan-in-the-flesh, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Paul knew, perhaps subliminally, that:
through His Son
through the prophets and disciples
was going to disarm Satan / him / Paul through a woman, the seventh angel, the daughter of Zion. If Paul could sucker everybody into devaluing the word and worth of females, he could sucker people into not listening and taking heed to what women have to say and do. That one woman and her Spiritual sisters would then be included in the degradation, and thereby would be rendered mute. What a scam!

Paul is the prince of this world in four more extremely important ways.
Various elements of Paul's blasphemy are taught by all the religions of the world including Satanism. The subservient, less-than-fully-human status of females, for instance, is promoted by all of the world's major religions.
Paul's dogma and the actions of his Christians are very offensive to sensitive, sensible people. When a person does not know God himself and assumes that Paul represents the will and Word of God, Paul through his Christians succeeds at driving such people away from God and His Son. Because without the Spirit, Word, and example of the Savior to follow, humans lack the knowledge of God, His will, and His power that enables us to act right, such people are also seduced into practicing very inappropriate behaviors and are cheated out of their own salvation. Therein are they, too, vicariously controlled by the prince of this world, the prince of darkness (sin through ignorance of God), Satan Paul.
Paul's thinking and spirits are in so much control of the world that those few of us who do know and love God and despise the insanity going on in the world are deprived of our right to freedom of speech. I have repeatedly sent editorials to newspapers and newscasters confronting the insanity of the world's religiose, but my views were denied exposure. I experience the same coersion to shut my mouth and not make waves at church, work, home, and in school.
Speaking up against the insanity of the world's religions is extremely dangerous. Because religious people, especially Christians, are fueled by Satan Paul's evil spirits, they are murderous as hell. I have come to suspect that the number one reason why news people refused to present my position was because they feared a confrontation of the insanity of the world's religions could incite World War III.

Wrong! There shall be no more war and no more capital punishment. Man's murderous madness is coming to a screeching halt. Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Wait and see. The Truth shall make us free from this hideous creep named Paul. I aim to make very sure that if you, the reader, came to scoff, you will stay to pray for real from now on.

Now let us enter the process of watching God bring about the disarmament of Satan, and with it, the end of man's inhumanity to man. World peace begins with the unveiling of the mysteries of The Revelation. You go, God!

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