Do you know who he is? Part 4

[Note: This article is a hard-hitting and direct approach. Do not read if you are easily offended or want to remain in a comfort zone. There is much to learn from this article though] 

Identifying the Antichrist

This step requires taking a look at human history for the past 2,000 years. What is the primary source of man's inhumanity to man? Who is responsible for the most wars, acts of violence, terrorism, death, and destruction? Who creates the hell on earth known as perdition?

The answer, of course, is religion. Aha! We're getting there.

No one person heads all of the world's religions, however, so in order to identify the antichrist, we must look at which of the world's religions has been the source of the most wars, acts of violence, terrorism, death, and destruction. Which religion is in control of the political thinking (and, therefore, of the evil behaviors) of the most powerful nations on Earth to this day? Surely you know the answer to that question, don't you? Let's see.
Cross-ades. Inquisitions. "Galileo, off to prison!"
Witch hunts, stake fries, KKK, and Apartheid.
Judging man by his appearance thinking skin makes such a difference.
In denial and delusion. Latin for their mass confusion.

Rat-infested and flea-bitten. Blaming Jews for their condition.
"Round 'em up -- man, woman, child! Lock 'em up, and burn 'em down!"
Cat of nine tales flagellation. Claim it grants them their salvation.
Idolizing the stigmata. Sadomasochistic rotta.

In the dark mid-evil ages priests hog all the education.
Perishoners in total squalor minding manors for their pooh-bah.
Pilgrims to the Holy Land dig up bones to sell to man.
"Indulge yourselves!" The Reformation. Germans lose half population.

Conquistadors and missionaries' massive land and home invasions.
"Pillage, plunder, burn, and rape 'em! Steal their stuff and then enslave 'em!"
Anti-science. Anti-Truth. "Burn the books, and slaughter Jews!"
Love to hate. Monkey trials. Females all dehumanized.

Protest ants and demon-strations. More crusades called ethnic cleansings.
"Judge, condemn and separate! Bomb the clinics! Bash the gays!"
Two big street gangs fill up Ireland bent on killing one another
based on such insanities as wearing orange or wearing green.

Saints that ain't. Hallucinaries claim another sight of Mary.
Even claiming, "She's God's Mother. Pray to Her, not to the Father!"
Pedophiles and priestatution. "Hide 'em out and" (in collusion)
"send 'em to a brand new station!" for more kids for them to prey on.

Claim to be The Incarnation. Form a cult more like a prison.
Drug-infested. Much like Manson. Prey on women. Prey on children.
When they're caught about to suffer consequences for their actions,
in steps murder and suicide drunk and high on cyanide.

Okay, having established that Christianity is THE primary source of man's inhumanity to man, now all we have to do to identify the antichrist is answer the question: "Who is the king of Christianity?" Hmm. On the surface, such an identification looks impossible considering the kingdumb of Christianity is so divided into such a huge maze of lunatic sects-shuns and demon-in-nations warring against one another behind a wide variety of Christyin beliefs and leaders. Let's see. The primary divisions are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant. Within each primary branch are many divisions.

Protest-ant-ism is super divided. Even among the divisions of sects-shuns of Protestants are more divisions. Take the Baptist army of protest ants, for instance. In the yellow pages of my phone book, under the heading "Churches-Baptist" are listed the following divisions.Baptist    Baptist Free Will    Baptist Missionary
Baptist ABA    Baptist GARBC    Baptist Reformed
Baptist American    Baptist General    Baptist Seventh Day
Baptist Bible Fellowship    Baptist General Conference    Baptist Southern
Baptist Conservative    Baptist Independent

Then underneath each of those sub-divisions is a listing of the Baptist churches that subscribe to the idiotology of each of those Baptist sects-huns.

That isn't all there is to Christian divisiveness, either. After all, you have heard, "Wherever two or more Baptists are gathered together, there will be a fight," haven't you? When one sees Christianity for what it really is--a kingdom united only by its king, the anti-Christ--it's too bad that the Christians didn't believe, "A kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation," eh? Matthew 12.25

Okay, so to the casual viewer, finding one leader of all of Christendumb looks impossible. I mean where are you going to a find a Protestant who is stupid enough to trust the pope and pray to Mary? On the other hand, where are you going to find the Catholic or Eastern Orthod-oxen who is stupid enough to follow Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, Oral Robbers, Pat Robber's-son, Jerry's gonna Fallwell, Jimmy and Tammy Faye "the Fakers" Bakkers, Jimmy "the Lock" Jones, David "the Crusher" Kuresh, Billy Graham-quackers, or Jimmy the Swaggert?

Yes, I know none of you is so stupid as to think that any one of them is the antichrist in the first place, if only because none of them lived at the time of the Lord's disciples, and none of them unites Christianity. I'm just playing with you to drive home the point that on the surface, finding one person who rules over all the kingdumb of Christianity looks impossible.

One person does indeed qualify as the king of all of Christianity, however. He fulfills every one of the scriptures and descriptions of the embodiment of ultimate evil described the Bible. He came on the heels of the Lord, rubbed elbows with the Lord's disciples, founded Christianity, was beheaded about the time the disciple John wrote The Revelation, and is the only person unanimously viewed by all of Christianity as being Jesus' right-hand man. And HERE HE IS!

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