Colossians Exposed (Part 2)


Satan Paul's full-blown insanities continue.
21 You brothers of Colosse were sometimes alienated from God. You were God's enemies, too, in your mind. What made you alienated from God and God's enemies was achieved by means of your wicked works. Now, however, God has reconciled you brothers to Him by means of the blood shed by Jesus that stuck to the cross. 22Through the death of the body of Jesus' flesh, God presents you to Himself as your being holy brothers who are unworthy of being blamed for ever having done anything wrong in His sight. You are also above negative criticism in His sight.

Therein is just another scrapture in which the double-crossing PsssssSaul beguiled his Xians into believing that they do not have to repent and believe the Gospel -- the Doctrine spoken by Jesus -- in order to gain salvation. According to Paul, the only reason Jesus came to Earth was just so He could be crucified so that the blood shed by Him the day of His execution would miraculously save all Xians everywhere from having to suffer the consequences for their heinous sins. And why did Satan Paul preach that complete insanity? So his Xyins would go on sinning without any fear of having to suffer the consequences of Hell. In other words, Satan Paul incessantly subliminally screamed, "LET ANARCHY REIGN SUPREME!" That those Christians who really do care about salvation have allowed Satan Paul to get away with his abSAULootly cruel blasphemies for nearly 2,000 years is mind-boggling!

23 BUT all your holy and wholly innocent status in the sight of God shall continue ONLY if you continue to remain in the Christian faith in Me that I dug up and grounded and settled in you. Thou shalt not be moved away from the hope of the Gospel that I preached to you, either. This Gospel which you have heard and which was preached to every creature which is under Heaven is the Gospel whereof I, the Great Apostle Paul, am made the minister.

When Paul used the word gospel 78 times in his letters, he was not referring to the real Gospel, the words spoken by Jesus. Paul was promoting his own dogmanure as being the gospel when in reality, his God-spiel rabidly WARS against the Gospel.

Paul certainly succeeded in infecting the Christian mind with his own lies, too. Therein did he succeed in supplanting the Savior by making himself the Hell-bent-for-leather "savior" of Christendumb. Overall, Christians lack even the elementary ability to separate Jesus' Doctrine from Paul's babble. For example, I receive e-mails from Christians who protest against this web site by claiming that they do not follow anybody but Jesus. Then they turn right around and quote Paul telling me that I need to put away childish things and become a man -- totally oblivious to the reality that they are promoting Satan Paul's dogmanure, not the Savior's Doctrine.

24 I, the Great Apostle Paul, now rejoice in My sufferings. How I just LOVE being imprisoned! It's all your fault that I am suffering, however. How do I know? Because I am suffering on your behalf. And I, the Great Apostle Paul, fill up in My flesh that which is left behind of the afflictions of Christ.

By claiming that whatever had not been done to torture Jesus was held over for Paul to suffer as the resurrected Christ is just one more of a multitude of ways in which Paul set himself up to replace the Savior. AARGH!

I do all this sado-masochistic suffering for Jesus' body's sake, you know. And since Jesus' body is the church, I do all this suffering for you Christians. Don't you feel sorry for poor little old me? Boo-hoo. Sob-sob. Don't I make you feel guilty that I am enduring all this suffering on YOUR behalf? Boo-hoo. Sob-sob. Doesn't My suffering on YOUR behalf cause you Christians to feel obligated to remain loyal to Me? Heh-heh.
25 I, the Great Apostle Paul, am so special that I am made a minister of suffering to and for you Christians who collectively form the body of Christ. My ministry for you is given to Me according to the dispensation of God. God dispensed Me to fulfill the Word of God. 26In fact, I am so super-duper special that God even dispensed Me to reveal the mystery of God which has been hidden from all ages and generations of mankind. COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! Now God's great mystery is made manifest to His saints by means of My ministry of suffering. Boo-hoo. Sob-sob. COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO!

Are you still too deaf to hear PsssssssSAUL claiming to be the resurrected Savior, Christyin? All the while, Paul's false claims and false prophecies were specifically designed to keep the mystery of God hidden from mankind so that nobody would gain salvation.

27 Through Me God would make known to His saints among the Gentiles the answer to, "What is the riches of the glory of this mystery?" And the answer is, "The riches of the glory of this mystery is CHRIST IN YOU CHRISTIANS and the hope of glory that you possess. Babble, babble, babble-on in blaphemies. Heh-heh."

Wow, you Christian prisoners of hope must be so proud of yourselves for being the riches of the glory of the mystery of God. How about explaining to the rest of us exactly HOW you are the riches of the glory of this great mystery of Babble-on. ... Well, we're waiting.

28 I preach Christ in you Christians, you know.

If you observers believe that the Savior is in the Christians, you have been hornswoggled, too.

I also warn and teach every man in ALL wisdom. COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO-DOO!

What a self-exalting worthless puke! In case you still do not get it, Christian, to claim to be a person who teaches all people in ALL WISDOM is for the braggart to claim that he himself is the Savior. I tell you again and again that this is how Paul / Satan stood at the right hand of the Savior (Paul's letters standing to the right of the Gospel) to resist Joshua / Jesus / the Savior -- in fulfillment of Zechariah 3.1

The reason that I warn and teach every man in all wisdom is so I may present every man to God as being perfect in the body of Christ Jesus.

Get real, Christian. Do you honestly believe that you yourself help form the body of Christ? Do you honestly believe that you are perfect? Do you honestly believe that your going around claiming to help form the body of Christ is not ULTIMATE BLASPHEMY and TOTALLY IRREVERENT?

29 I also labor unto the body of Christ Jesus. I strive according to His working. Christ's workings work MIGHTILY in Me, you know. COCK-A-mamy DOODLE DOO-DOO!

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