Romans Exposed (Part 12)

Zechariah 9.8-17

Zechariah's scriptures continue.

8 "And I will encamp about my House of Prayer for All People / the anonymous 12-Step programs because of the army of religious people who war against the Program, because of him that passes by, and because of him that returns -- and no oppressor shall pass through them anymore, for now I have seen it with my own eyes.
9 Rejoice greatly, oh daughter of Zion! Shout, oh daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King comes unto you. He is just and having salvation, and lowly, and riding upon an ass (Paul), and upon a colt, the foal of the ass (Christianity). 10And I will cut off the chariot from Ephraim (Paul), and the horse from Jerusalem (religious terrorism), and the battle bow shall be cut off. And He, the Lord Himself, shall speak peace unto the heathen. And His dominion shall be from sea to sea, and from the River of Life to the ends of the world!"

Again, Zion in Hebrew means "mountain of Jerusalem, a permanent capital, a conspicuous, monumental guilding pillar; sign, title, waymark." In other words, Mt. Zion is Jesus, the Gospel, and the mountain of Truth contained within the Bible.

I am a daughter of Zion because I perceive and amplify God's Doctrine.

And again, Jerusalem, "a dual," also means "founded, peaceful" referring to the great peace we humans experience inside ourselves when we are solidly well-founded in the Gospel and side with the Savior in His duel against Paul's dogma.

Because I perceive God's Doctrine versus Paul's and Ezra's blasphemies, and enjoy the marvelous blessings that come to God's children, I am also a daughter of Jerusalem to whom He refers, and how I love experiencing, watching, and helping the Master come back riding Paul's ass. Yee-ha!

Ephraim, a son of Joseph, "the increaser," means "double-fruit, fruitfulness." God is saying that He is going to cut you Christians off from your super-fruit / homosexual god Paul, and your super-evil fruits / works.

Interestingly, the word horse in Hebrew not only means "a horse" but "a swallow" due to its rapid flight. In turn, the word colt in Hebrew stems from two different words.

  • Colt comes from the Hebrew word ben meaning "a son, as a builder of the family name, nation, quality, or condition."
  • Colt comes from the Hebrew word ayir meaning "raising, bearing a burden," which in turn stems from the word uwr meaning "to wake, lift up self."

When we put it all together, we know that God is saying:

  • Paul is the builder of the family name Christianity, while Christianity forms the son of Satan; i.e., his family and nation.
  • Christians, Paul's adherents, carry on with Paul's negative qualities and conditions which included their barbarian invasions of other nations on horseback.
  • Christians are responsible for raising and bearing Paul's burdens.
  • Christians lift themselves up every time they indulge in bragging rites and promote themselves at the expense of others.
  • But now Paul loses his ability to swallow people up with his horrific lies,
  • and his barbarian Christyin hordes and whores lose their ability to trample all over planet Earth seducing people into sin, proselytizing, conquering, exploiting, enslaving, and murdering people.
11 "As for you also, by the blood of your covenant I have sent forth your prisoners out of the pit wherein there is no water."

Jesus is talking to me informing me that due to the blood of my covenant, He is setting the prisoners of the world's religions free from their false beliefs. Religion is the pit, and religion's lack of water refers to the religious people not experiencing the comforts of the Comforter, the Fountain of Life, the genuine baptism, the flood of Jesus's blood rushing through our bloodstream to reward our good works.

The blood of my covenant has several meanings. First and foremost, it refers to my genuine quest to be very careful to not misinterpret God's Doctrine. I readily admit that I need the flood of Jesus' blood validating my writings and speech.

When God talks about the blood of our covenants, part of what He is saying relates to our loyalty to Him. For instance, the Spirit once asked me if I were willing to lay down my life for the Son of God. I answered, "Yes." I meant it then and mean it now. The only stipulation I inserted was that the Christians would not be allowed to murder me before I had done all that was humanly possible to bring about the resurrection of the Word of God, and therefore, the resurrection of the Spirit of the Son of man throughout the world. That I know, God loved my stipulation. And in these Scriptures, He is now informing me that He will indeed fulfill my request.

At another time, when I read the story of Abraham, I was astounded at his loyalty to God. I had heard Christians say that they did not believe that God really told Abraham to sacrifice his son. God did indeed tell Abraham to sacrifice his son in order to test Abraham's loyalty to Himself. God would never have allowed Abraham to carry through with actually murdering his son, however. I believe that because God asked the same thing of me in a different way.

The process of gaining salvation greatly increases our level of sensitivity. Sometimes the pain of being born again is overwhelming. When I saw the torture endured by the Master at His crucifixion, I was truly horrified. I was asked by the Spirit if I would allow my son Michael, my blood kin, to endure being crucified. I thought about it for a moment, pictured it, and was again horrified, but then answered, "Yes," with all sincerity. "We are talking about salvation here, God," I said. "We are talking about Michael spending eternity in the Kingdom of Ultimate Bliss with you. Yes, I would allow my son to be crucified like that if it meant he would get to spend forever with you, too."

Again I added a stipulation to the challenge. I do not believe that God faults me for that stipulation. In fact, I believe He likes it.

The covenant I made that day is of extreme importance. God knew that the focus of my personal concerns at that moment was on that particular son because he was in the throws of alcoholism and drug addiction. I was so scared something horrible was going to happen to him or others as the result of his intoxicated actions.

I have loved my children too much. When they were growing up, I was too blind to see that when I refused to allow them to suffer the consequences for their own inappropriate behaviors, I was enabling them to sink deeper and deeper into sin. I was therefore aiding and abetting their sinfulness and seduction into hell. Because I did not know God during those years, I knew nothing of trusting Him to guide and protect my children. I was also pretty oblivious to the reality that our suffering consequences is a primary force behind the human desire to clean up our own act.

When the Spirit asked me the question, I was in the process of being educated about, and broken of, my enabling behaviors. God was challenging me to test whether my loyalty to Him, His Son, and my children's gaining salvation was greater than my concern for my children's physical safety in this life. He was also challenging me to see if my concern about man's gaining salvation was greater than my concern over how much pain my children would also have to endure in order to gain redemption. I gave the right answer, and meant it from the bottom of my heart. Thus, in a way, I had made the same covenant as did Abraham. My loyalty is to God and salvation, not to trying to protect my children from physical and emotional pain anymore. I believe that same commitment must be made by all parents who will gain salvation.

Part of what interests me about my own process is that at the time I answered God as I did, I did not know that I was making a covenant with Him. I didn't even know what a covenant is. I already knew from the Gospel that it is wrong to make promises, so I wasn't swearing to anything. All I did was answer God's questions honestly. In so doing, I entered a Spiritual contract without even knowing that was what I was doing. Learning later what covenants are helps me to see how when the prophets of old talk about making vows, etc., they are not talking about making promises or swearing to anything, but about us responding to God's challenging questions truthfully and in a way that expresses our loyalty to Him and salvation.

12 "Turn you to the stronghold, you prisoners of hope. Even today do I declare that I will render double unto you 13when I have bent Judah for me, filled the bow with Ephraim, raised up your sons, O Zion, and made you as the sword of a mighty man against your sons, O Greece."

Judah: "celebrated, used the hand; to throw a stone or an arrow at or away; to revere, worship, praise with extended hands; to bemoan by wringing the hands, to make confession; be thankful."

Ephraim: "double fruit, fruitfulness."

Zion: "mountain of Jerusalem, a permanent capital, a conspicuous, monumental guilding pillar; sign, title, waymark," i.e., Jesus, the Gospel, the mountain of Truth contained within the Bible.

Jesus is saying that:

  • when He raises up people who worship and adore Him for real,
  • they become doubly fruitful by doing the works commanded by God with their hands,
  • He has raised up people who believe and obey the Gospel, and
  • then those people wring their hands from being extremely offended by the lies and terrorism of world's religions, and so speak up against religion's blasphemies,

the prisoners of hope and Greece are in big trouble. So who are the prisoners of hope? The Christians, of course. Jesus uses the word hope once in the Gospel. Paul uses the word fifty-one times during his speaking in Acts and in his letters. And what the Christians hope for is that Paul was telling the truth and that they have gained salvation. Such is false hope, however, because none of them have the actual experiences of God's saving grace. Thus, they are the prisoners of hope.

Of course, the prisoners of hope can also be extended to include the Jews who only hope that Jesus is not the Messiah, and the Muslims who only hope that Muhammad really was a prophet and their being killed while murdering others enables them to shoot straight up to Heaven. Because both religious Jews and Muslims are also clinging to false hopes, they, too, are the prisoners of hope to whom the Master refers.

Now we turn to looking at which people are included as being in big trouble in the reference to Greece. Greece comes from the Hebrew word Yavan meaning "hot and active effervescing." The root Hebrew word from which Greece stems is yayin meaning "effervesce, fermented wine" with the implied meaning of "intoxication, wine-bibber."

  • Effervesce comes out of the Latin word fervere meaning "to boil." In English, the word is defined as "to bubble, hiss, and foam as gas escapes; to show liveliness or exhiliration"
  • Greece refers to a peninsula south of the Balkans.
  • Greek people are Hellenized people.
  • Whether or not a person is of Greek biological heritage, to be Hellenized is to be devoted to or an imitation of ancient Greek philosophical thought which incorporates Greek mythology. In turn, Greek mythology is centered in pagan fertility cult beliefs.
  • Helios is the Greek sun-god.
  • Hel is the Norse goddess of the dead and queen of the underworld.
  • Helen of Troy, the fictional daughter of the fictional god Zeus, is the Greek goddess whose "face launched a thousand ships," and whose god-father Zeus was worshiped as the ruler of the Greeks' gods.
  • Greece also refers to "unintelligible language," as when people use the expression, "It's Greek to me."

Put it all together with the Spirit of the Son of man guiding our studies, and Greece represents:

  • Christians worshiping the god Hell-ios, a.k.a. Apollo / APAULlo, a.k.a. SAUL / SOL.
  • Paul being a wine-bibber / active alcoholic.
  • Paul's being boiling mad at God, Jesus, the Lord's disciples, the prophets, Jews, Greeks, females, and anybody who disagreed with Paul.
  • He and his Christyin terrorists being fueled by adrenaline / dope 'em mean intoxication.
  • Paul's babble being unintelligible language.
  • Christian charismatics speaking in the unintelligible language of unknown tongues.
  • Christian theology incorporating Greek philosophy.
  • The poison pen in Saul's writings creating Hell-in-eyes'd Christian balkans; i.e., people who balk against obedience to God's commandments.
  • Christians worshiping Hell, the god of the dead and homosexual "queen" of the underworld, Paul.
  • Christians promoting the pagan rich-uals and sell-abrasions of Hell-in-eyes'd fertility cult pagans.
  • The Christian version of Helen of Troy being "the ever-virgin" Hell-in-Mary whose "genius" they worship and whose face launched way more than a thousand Christian warships.

When Spirit-led anonymous 12-Step people step up to share their recovery openly and confront your lies, you Christyin Grease-balls / oinkers are in BIG trouble, because God is going to back up our speech and actions to disarm your madness.

14 And the Lord shall be seen ruling over His children, and His arrow (the sword of Truth) shall go forth as the lightning, and the Lord God shall blow the trumpet (our speech), and shall go forth like the whirlwinds of the south.
15 The Lord of hosts shall defend them, and they shall devour false doctrine by speaking God's Truth, and shall subdue man's inhumanity to man with sling stones of words. And they shall drink the Wine of Life (the Gospel and the comforts of the Comforter), and shall make a noise as through wine, and they shall be filled with God's Spirit like bowls, and as the corners of the altar. 16And the Lord their God shall save them in that day as the flock of His people, for they shall be as the stones of a crown lifted up as an ensign upon His land, 17for how great is His goodness! And how great is His beauty! Corn shall make the young men cheerful, and new wine the maids."

Corn in Hebrew is dagan, pronounced daw-gawn. The word means "increase, grain" from the Hebrew word dagah meaning "move rapidly, to spawn, become numerous." Young men will be cheerful when they experience how rapidly the dog Paul is gone--cast into Hell--and the number of recovering Spirit-led people increases with Jesus Himself reigning over us.

Wine in Hebrew is tiyrosh, pronounced tee-roshe. The word means "expulsion; squeezed out" as in freshly squeezed grape juice. Females will also be cheerful they join the rush to find freedom from their sins and addictions by working the Steps, adhering to the Gospel, and experiencing the rush of the new wine, the Champagne of Life, the comforts of the Comforter. And in the process, Paul and the world's religions get squeezed out; i.e., they lose their control to hold people hostage to religion's false beliefs and various forms of intoxication.

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