Romans Exposed (Part 11)

Zechariah 9.3-7

Scriptures from Zechariah, the prophet quoted in the previous section while confronting Paul's nonsense, are now cited. In addition to Zechariah's continuing to confront Paul's lies, the purpose is to show the reader how I am gleaning far greater information from the Old Testament scriptures.

The scriptures of the Old Testament were originally written in Hebrew, while the New Testament scriptures were written in Greek. When the prophets cite the name of a given nation, territory, city, person, place, thing ..., the prophets are most often talking about the characteristics and behaviors of Paul and/or the groups of people who bear the characteristics and perform the given behaviors according to Hebrew definitions of the proper names cited. When we look up the Hebrew definitions of the words, and then look around to see who carries those characteristics and/or who performs those rotten or righteous behaviors, we know who the prophets are talking about. If the behaviors and/or characteristics defined are negative, and we carry those character defects and/or perform those rotten behaviors ourselves, then we are to clean up our own act.

Quite often, the names cited are also to be defined in English or mentally understood according phonetic translations. For example, knowing that Palestine represents "the land of Paul's stein," that a stein is a mug that holds beer, and that Paul's stein represents the intoxicating evil spirits with which Paul and all religious terrorists are consumed is extremely helpful in understanding the contents of the prophets' writings. Such translations are provided primarily by the Spirit of the Son of man, however, so in order to perceive those meanings, you will have to get in touch with Him yourself.

In these scriptures about to be cited, I suspect that Zechariah was sitting quietly with pen in hand while the Master spoke these words in Zechariah's ear. Then Zechariah simply wrote down what Jesus was speaking to him. And due to what Jesus says, "For verily I say unto you that many prophets and righteous people have desired to see those things which you see, and have not seen them, and to hear those things which you hear, and have not heard them," Matthew 13.17, we can reasonably believe that Zechariah himself did not fully understand what his own prophecies were saying.

That archaeologists cannot locate the original sites of some of the places named in the prophets' writings may very well be due to their never having existed in that historical sense, but to the names merely representing the beliefs, attitudes, motivations, behaviors, and characteristics of various sects, denominations, organizations, institutions, and leaders of the world's religions and nations. Almost every time the prophets talk about Jacob, they are referring to the anonymous 12-Step programs.

Some characteristics can be positive or negative depending on the content of what the prophet is saying. For example, Joseph is defined as "the increaser" in Hebrew. If the "Joseph" named is spoken of in positive terms, the prophet is typically describing the people who draw others into recovery, thereby helping to increase the number of Spirit-led people. If the "Joseph" named is cited in negative terms, the prophet is typically talking about how adept religious people have been in increasing:

  • blasphemous beliefs (such as the Catholic popes promoting the worship of Mary),
  • the number of converts to their religions, and
  • the slavery, exploitation, and destruction of other humans.

Therefore, paying close attention to whether the prophet is talking in positive or negative terms regarding the proper name must be combined with our having the Spirit of the Son of man guiding our studies One-on-one in order to have the Book of Life come to life inside each student / disciple.

The basic tools I use for gaining understanding of the Scriptures are:

  1. An English dictionary that also cites the etimology (language source and original meaning) of words, and
  2. The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. James Strong. Thomas Nelson Publishers. Nashville, Tennessee. Mine is the 1990 edition. The book can be purchased at Christian bookstores including on the internet.
  • The first section of Strong's Concordance lists the words that are in the Bible along with each scripture where a given word can be found.
  • After the word is a number designating where the word can be found in the Hebrew Dictionary section of the concordance.
  • Then looking up that number in the Hebrew Dictionary portion of Strong's Concordance shows the word written in Hebrew.
  • That word and its pronunciation is then written in English.
  • Thereafter, the definition of that word is given along with the root Hebrew word/s from which the word is derived.

The words in the New Testament, of course, are numerically related to a section on each word given in the Greek Dictionary section of Strong's Concordance.

Here we go with Zechariah 9 with the Hebrew definitions included wherever applicable. View these Scriptures as if Jesus Himself is the speaker, because He is. Zechariah simply wrote down these words spoken to him by the Savior.

Zechariah 9.3 "Tyrus (Tire Us / Christianity) built herself up as a strong hold, a huge fortress. She heaped up silver for herself as if it were dust, and fine gold for herself as if it were mire (deep mud and slush) in the streets."

Tyrus comes from the Hebrew words tsor "a rock" and tsur "a sharp stone as if pressed hard or to a point; i.e., a knife." Tyre was a prosperous city, a sea port in Palestine / Paul's stein -- symbolic of the adrenaline rushes and dope 'em mean intoxication with which Paul's evil spirits consume Christians who adhere to Paul's drunken babble. All we have to do see pictures of the Vatican's material treasures, look at all of Christianity's gold-laden and silver-laden cathedrals, crystal palaces, universities and colleges, listen to their focus on money, money, money ... to know that Christianity (the "Holy See") is the WHOLLY prosperous SEE port being represented.

  • Christianity being described as a "her" / a female represents her being a whore who seduces people into sin, and she does it to promote herself at the expense of others. In turn, the "her" relates to most sexual whores as being female because females do not have to pay men to go to bed with them like men do.
  • That she is a rock is symbolic of hard-hearted, insensitive Christians casting stones at people, Paul's dogmanure being planted rock solid in the Christian mind, and so many Christian altars being made of stone in homage to the early Christians worshiping in and on people's tombs made of stone.
  • The sharp stones symbolize Christians shooting arrows at people and murdering people with their tongues, especially demon-straighting against this and that.
  • Her being a stone as if pressed hard refers to the social pressures exerted for humans to succumb to Paul's / Christianity's iron self-will and edicts, including their "Gimme your dough!" hold-ups and SAULicitations.
  • The stone being shaped into a knife is indicative of how Christian lies knife the Lord in His back / following His ministry in the flesh, and how obedience to Christian lies cuts people off from direct, conscious contact with God.
4 "Behold, the Lord will cast her out. He will smite her power in the sea, and she shall be devoured with fire."

Her power in the sea refers primarily to:

  • the Vatican, the pope, "the Holy See,"
  • Christian invaders, terrorists, and exploiters of other lands having been transported by means of ships on the high seas,
  • Christian merchants getting filthy rich by means of overseas trade, and
  • her dogmanures being responsible for the diseases carried by people who allow themselves to be intimidated by Christian madness.

Christians are obviously in a whole lot of hot water.

5 "Ashkelon shall see it and fear. Gaza also shall see it, and fear, and be very sorrowful, as will Ekron, for she shall be ashamed of her expectation. And the king shall perish from Gaza, and Ashkelon shall not be inhabited."

1) Ashkelon in Hebrew means "weighing place" symbolic of the heavy burdens Christianity, Judaism, and Islam inflict on their adherents.
2) Gaza means "stong, vehement, harsh, fierce, greedy, mighty, powerful, roughly" highlighting the character defects of Paul and his Christians, Ezra and religious Jews, and Muhammad and Muslims.
3) Ekron means "eradication, extermination" from a root Hebrew word meaning "to pluck up especially by the roots, to hamstring, to exterminate, dig down, hough, uproot" which refers to what Paul and his Christyins, Ezra and religious Jews, and Muhammad and Muslims have done in:

  • uprooting Jesus from His rightful position as the Savior of all humanity,
  • replacing the authority of the Word of God with Paul's, Ezra's, and Muhammad's gibberish,
  • exterminating humans, and
  • eradicating obedience to God's commandments.

Ekron's examples are the expectation of:

  • Jews: that the Messiah is yet to come.
  • Muslims: that if murdered while murdering others, they will shoot straight up to Heaven where they will participate in sex orgies with beautiful women.
  • Christians: that the anti-Christ is yet to come when all the while, he has been leading them straight down the tubes to Hell.
  • All religious people: that they are going to Heaven. Wrongo!

Their king about to perish is each of the religions' head honcho (Ezra, Muhammad, Paul) and Satan, and the abSAULute authority with which Satan rules over religious people.

That Ashkelon shall not be inhabited is informing us that religion's churches, cathedrals, synagogues, temples, and mosques... are going to clear out. When people stop believing your lies, you religious leaders lose your power to control other people and give others burdens too heavy to bear.

All three of the places named were Philistine / "fill a stein" cities. In turn, Philistine in Hebrew is Pelishtiy meaning "rolling, migratory" referring to you Christians, Jews, and Muslims migrating towards Paul's, Ezra's, or Muhammad's (Satan's) dogmanure. It also refers to Christians and Muslims migrating all over the world to terrorize, conquer, exploit and enslave lands that did not belong to you. In turn, Pelishtiy comes from the Hebrew prime root word palash pronounced paw-lash / Paul lash which refers to Paul lashing out at God and humans. Palash means "to roll, wallow." And that's what you Christians do. Christianity is the pig Paul's sty, and you Christians are wholly rollers who wallow in the mire of Paul's filthy dogmanure.

6 "A bastard shall dwell in Ashdod, and I will cut off the pride of the Philistines. 7And I will take away the blood out of his mouth, and his abominations from between his teeth."

Ashdod, another Philistine city representative of the world's western religions, means "ravager." To be a ravager is "to wreak havoc on; visit destructively and often violently; commit destructive actions; to destroy violently; to lay waste by plundering or destroying." Ashdod sure sounds like Christian, Muslim, and Jewish terrorists to me.

The Hebrew prime root word shadad from which Ashdod stems means "burly, powerful, impregnable, stronghold, fortress" and has been extended to mean "to ravage, destroy, spoil utterly (in Paul's, Ezra's and Muhammad's cases, by uttering utter nonsense), lay waste, oppress, robber, spoiler, dead." What a perfect description of Paul and Christianity, Muhammad and Islam, and Ezra and Judaism.

And what do you know. Paul was a bastard. Whether or not he was an illegitimate child in terms of his biological parents not being married to one another is of little importance to me, because I already know that God does not condemn such bastards. Of great importance, however, is knowing that Paul fits all the other definitions of bastard.

  • Paul was an illegitimate child of God, and thus, of inferior breed or stock, a mongrel dog, a person who was spurious, irregular, inferior, and of questionable origin. (His questionable origin is now being answered, however. He was of Satan himself.)
  • Paul was a very offensive, disagreeable person who used generalized terms of abuse to inSAULt and blaspheme God, His Son, His disciples and prophets, Jews, Greeks, females, and anybody who disagreed with him.
  • He was of abnormal shape and size in that his names Saul and Paul mean "asked for little."
  • He lacked genuineness, and he lacked God's authority.
  • Although on the surface, his dogmanure sounds sweet as honey and he appears to to be similar to a prophet, he was very inferior to God's prophets, and is, in fact, a FALSE prophet.
  • He declared himself to be God's greatest apostle, but is proven to be a bastard who reduced and debased the Scriptures of the Bible from a high state of instruction in righteousness to a lower state and condition of seduction into Hell!

That the Lord removes the pride of you hot-shot, show-off, self-exalting religious Jews, Christians, and Muslims is wonderful news. That He takes the blood out of your mouth and removes your abominations from between your teeth means your calls for acts of terrorism are going to cease and desist as are your lies and seduction of people into holding to false beliefs. No more war. No more capital punishment. Man's inhumanity to man is coming to a screeching halt.

"But he that remains" after God has destroyed a great multitude of Christians, religious Jews, and Muslims "even he," the recovering Christian, Muslim, religious Jew "shall be on the side of our God, and He / the Son of God shall be as the Governor in Judah, and Ekron shall be as a Jebusite."

Understanding what Judah represents is a biggee, because becoming Judeans is what happens to God's children. Judah, the son of Jacob (the anonymous 12-Step programs) and Leah (me, the Lee who helps bring your "Ah! I get it!" feelings of relief when you grasp and appreciate what my writings are really saying), means "celebrated." The word Judah, Yehuwdah in Hebrew, stems from the prime root word yadah which has a variety of meanings:

  • "To use the hand," symbolic of doing the works in obedience to God's commandments.
  • "To throw, (a stone, an arrow) at or away," representative of the Truth we speak that cuts through the hearts of wicked people, and Jesus casting away the dogmanures of the world's religions and sin from within ourselves.
  • "To revere, worship, praise with extended hands" describing our genuine worship and adoration of God and His Son which comes from receiving His blessings due to our doing the works with our hands and with our hands extended out to others seeking to draw them into recovery / redemption.
  • "To bemoan by wringing the hands," expressive of our being severely offended and angry at man's inhumanity to man and the whoredom of the world's religions.
  • "To make confession," indicative of what we do when we work the 12 Steps.
  • "Thankful," which certainly describes our genuine gratitude to God for giving us His Son, the Program, Bill Wilson, the 12 Steps, placing us in contact with Spirit-led people who help teach us the right way to be ... so that we could find God, experience salvation, and serve Him for real.

Ekron, already explained, means "eradication, extermination" from the root Hebrew word aqar meaning "to pluck up especially by the roots, to hamstring, to exterminate, dig down, hough, uproot." Thus, Ekron refers to what the people of the world's western religions have done in uprooting Jesus from His rightful position as Savior of all humanity, their replacing the authority of the Word of God with their religious leaders' gibberish, their role in exterminating humans, and their attempts to eradicate obedience to God's commandments.

Jebusite means "trodden, threshing place" in Hebrew. In turn, to thresh is "to rub, to throw, to thrash, to separate seed from a harvested plant, to strike repeatedly, to strike with or as if with a flail or whip, to toss about."

Now insert the definitions of Ekron and Jebusite into the phrase, "Ekron shall be as a Jebusite," and we know that the place of the eradicators and exterminators -- the religious terrorists of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam -- shall themselves be the threshing places. In other words, during Judgment Day (NOW), God kicks their butts big time, and separates religious people who do good works from the bad guy's guys. Because of what the Lord says next, many wicked people are destroyed during these great events, too.

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