Romans Exposed (Part 6)

Romans 2.25 - 3.5

One of the ways that Paul got away with his bizarre travesties was by focusing on circumcision. While much of Christendumb thought that Paul was only teaching against the same ritualistic laws of Judaism denounced by the Master, Paul was instead teaching, "Disobey God PERIOD!" thereby seducing people into sin and Hell. Further, Paul's spending so much effort howling about circumcision reveals Paul's:

  • efforts to seduce Christians into becoming mentally obsessed on male genitalia and human sexuality, thereby aiming to seduce them into practicing inappropriate sexual behaviors; and
  • own fixation on penes, which in turn reveals his homosexuality.


2.25 Your being circumcised is certainly profitable to you Jews if you obey God's law, but if you break the law, your circumcision is uncircumcised.

Oh, really? So the skin grows back, does it? Which of you physicians have ever seen that cute little miracle?

2.26-7 Therefore, since:
  • God shows how righteous He is by honoring people who have faith in whatever they want to believe;
  • uncircumcised Gentiles obey God's law by not studying or teaching it; and
  • God honors the Gentiles who have faith in the laws they make up for themselves to follow; then,
  • won't good old loyal God count their uncircumcised penes as circumcised penes?
Yes, He will.
And won't those uncircumcised Gentiles (whose penes are, after all, Mother Nature's way to be) who fulfill the law by disobeying God's law judge you circumcised Jews who violate God's written law by teaching it? Yes, they will, and it's all because you Jews were stupid enough to allow yourselves to be circumcised when you were eight days old, heh-heh, and because you were stupid enough to study, believe, and obey God's law. Heh, heh.

Satan Paul's scenario of Judgment Day is God by Jesus Christ by Paul's babble commanding, "Bring out the uncircumcisions! It's time for them to judge the Jews!"

Hear God-through-David's response to Paul.

Psalm 52.1 "Why do you boast about yourself in mischief, oh mighty man? The goodness of God endures continually. 2But your tongue, serpent PSssssssssaul, devises mischiefs like a sharp razor working deceitfully. 3You love evil more than good, and lying rather than to speak righteousness. Selah. 4You love all devouring words, oh you deceitful tongue.
5 God shall likewise destroy you forever. He shall take you away and pluck you out of your dwelling place as the head of Christendumb, and root you out of the land of the living. Selah.
6 The righteous also shall see, and fear, and laugh at him. 7Lo, this Paul is the man that made not God his strength, but instead trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened himself in his own wickedness intoxicated by his love for death and destruction.
8 But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God. I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever. 9I will praise you forever, Lord, because you have done it. You have done for me what no man can do for himself. You have given me the Spirit that even allowed me to see and hear of future events, and I will wait on your name, for it is good before your saints."
Romans 2.28-29 NO, no, NO! I, the great PSssssssaul, command you to ignore David! After all, he was an outward, circumcised Jew, and a Jew who is an outward Jew is not a Jew at all! Furthermore, an outward circumcision of the penis is not a real circumcision at all. A Jew is only a Jew when he is an inward Jew. A circumcision is only a circumcision when it is the excision of the heart in the spirit. The physical circumcision of a penis is not a circumcision. When a person performs the circumcision of the heart, however, that person receives praise from God, not from men.

Bite the dust, Satan. A physical circumcision is indeed a circumcision.

Now watch the irritating, germ-breeding, cancer-creating, superfluous skin-headed god of Christian dickheads give Satan's version of the advantages of circumcision.

3.1 Since a Jew is not a Jew when he is an outward Jew, then what advantage does the outward Jew have over the Gentile? Or to put it another way, since the circumcision of a penis is not a real circumcision, what profit is there to be gained by all those Jews who have been circumcised?
3.2 There is much profit to be gained by penis-circumcised Jews.

Oh, really, you slick-headed Vacillene? What might that profit be?

Well, the main profitability that results from Jews' penes being circumcised is that even though the hearts of the outward Jews were not circumcised in the spirit, God entrusted them with His oracles anyway. God went ahead and revealed His hidden knowledge, divine purpose, and commandments for appropriate human behavior through those Old Testament physically circumcised Jews named Abraham, Moses, David, Isaiah, etc. God did so even though their hearts in the spirit remained uncircumcised. See, God speaks through outwardly penis-circumcised Jews even if they remain unrepentant sinners.

So the essence of the God-spiel according to Paul runs like this.

  • God forced His prophets to commit the vile sins they teach against.
  • Therefore, Moses himself broke all the commandments that God taught to and through him.
  • God made prophets out of the Jews only because they were physically circumcised.
  • Once a Jew becomes circumcised, he is no longer a Jew.
  • Nevertheless, any physically circumcised Jew knows it all.
  • The prophets themselves were terrible sinners.
  • Jesus is a circumcised Jew who taught God's Law and commandments. Therefore, Jesus Himself broke all the commandments that He teaches us to obey.
  • God only rewards people who do good works. He sends everybody else to Hell.
  • Therefore, God sent Moses, all His prophets, and Jesus to Hell.
  • Nevertheless, that's okay, because gaining the ability to perceive and teach God's commandments in this life is more profitable than is spending eternity in the Kingdom of Ultimate Bliss in the here-and-now and in the hereafter.
  • Learning and speaking God's Truth consumes the learners and teachers with evil spirits which force them to sin.

So what do you think, boys and girls? Do you see any insanity and blasphemy in what Paul teaches and preaches? Paul was sick, sick, sick in the head.

3.3-4 So what if some of those circumcised Jews did not believe God's commandments and promises that He entrusted to, and spoke through, them. God will not remove His Spirit from a person of faith just because that person's faith is not in God, will He? God forbid! No, He won't!
Will those people's lack of belief in God make null and void the effects of God's rewards that He provides to those who have genuine faith in Him? God forbid! No, He won't!

Guess again, hotdog. Because the Gospel is sometimes quite painful and scarey while we are in the process of coming to believe and obey, Paul was telling people that it's okay to not believe the Son of God. Then when a repentant person experiencing the pain of redemption heard what the great apostate Paul was saying, and saw all the people around him believing Paul, the repentant person would put down the Gospel to avoid the pain, and in so-doing, lose his only salvation.

Paul was also seeking to seduce people into believing that it is okay to believe any stupid thing they want to believe. In fact, Paul was the same as saying that if Hitler had faith in his belief that Jews were sub-human, then it's okay that Hitler is responsible for the deaths of millions of people, and that Hitler and his henchmen still got to go to Heaven after they died.

Paul was also the same as saying that the Muslim terrorists who dove those airplanes into the Twin Trade Towers and the Pentagon are now in Heaven because they believed / had faith in the false claims made by their religion / Islam which teaches her adherents that if they die while making "Holy War," they will shoot straight up to Heaven. So tell me, boys and girls. Do you personally believe that what the terrorists did was God-ordained / Holy War? Do you personally believe that those terrorists are now in Heaven?

Paul was also people-pleasing all the people who want to believe that God will not punish people who do not believe and obey His Son. Wrong. Any person anywhere in the world who does not believe the Son of God is in trouble, even if that person never had access to the Gospel. That awareness in the child of God is part of what compels us to share God's Truth with everybody everywhere in the world. Hold the thought that the greatest damnation in hell is suffered by hypocrites, however, which means that all the people who misrepresent God and His Son suffer the greatest consequences.

For those of you who think such an outcome isn't fair considering all the people who passed before us who didn't know about the Gospel, think it through. The Gospel has been readily available for us to study for a long time. For all the marvelous advances made in science, technology, etc., however, very few people came to believe the Son of God. God sent His Son to teach us how to act right. Very few people have ever believed Him. What else was God supposed to do?

When the great Spiritual Awakening takes place, people all over the world will put down all their religions and religious beliefs. Each and every member of the Spirituality movement will turn straight to the Gospel for their instructions in appropriate behavior. Each will work at having his own beliefs erased, and will ask God to fill up their brain with Truth; i.e., the Good News of the Gospel.

In the God-spiel according to Paul, however, God bounces around from religion to religion patting people on their heads with, "Good job, guys! As long as your governments and churches and societies keep telling you it is okay to commit murder so long as the murders are performed in the name of paulitics, patriotism, and religion, and in spite of my commandment, 'You shall not kill,' I am going to reward you with Heaven anyway for your having had such strong faith in those Satanic beliefs."

3.4-5 YES! Let God be true. Let God be the Truth, tell the truth, and express true blue loyalty to man, but let every man be a liar! I assure you that God says it's okay for us to obey my commandment, "Thou shalt be a liar!" too, because somewhere in those holy Old Testament scriptures (that you're not supposed to study or teach because doing so will force you to sin) is written that it's okay for us to lie, "That you might be justified in your saying, and might overcome when you are judged." Therefore, even though I admit that we are committing a sin whenever we lie, I say that scripture tells us that our unrighteousness is good because our sins commend, compliment and amplify God's righteousness.

What ultimate blasphemy! The Savior tells us:

"If you continue in my Word, then are you my disciples indeed, and you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free... Verily, verily, I say unto you, 'Whosoever commits sin is the servant of sin, and the servant of sin abides not in the House forever. But the Son abides forever.' If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed." John 8.31-36.

Even a newcomer who has only just experienced his Spiritual Conception / Awakening knows that our becoming rigorously honest, down-to-earth and realistic is the number one requirement for gaining salvation, and, therefore, the number one characteristic of a child of God. Unless we practice rigorous honesty, we can neither conceive the Spirit of the Son of man, nor perceive His Word, both of which are critical to gaining salvation. Because Paul, whose letters form the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, knew that, he sought to seduce his Christians into telling lies, living a lie and lying like Hell so that they would NEVER gain salvation.

Practicing rigorous honesty requires that we pay very close attention to our own thoughts, feelings, attitudes, motivations, and behaviors, and report what we are really thinking and feeling to others. When doing so is too risky, we are to withhold, change the subject, tell the audience that what we are really thinking and feeling is none of their business, etc., but we are not to lie.

Although salvation begins with an event, thereafter it's a process that we grow into it. So many of our behaviors are performed from subconscious motivations. Because our eyes see outward and are typically focused on our external world, we do not always see ourselves the way we really are. Therefore, when other people confront us, we are to think about it.

  • If what they said is true, we are to humble ourselves, admit our errors, make our amends, and continuously seek to not commit that sin anymore until refraining from the sin is easy.
  • When other people's accusations are false, we are to dismiss those false accusations, because God just as readily disciplines us for believing lies as He does for our failure to admit our errors.

As we do so, we recognize that the rewards for our honesty come from within, and our primary focus continues to turn inward in quest of more of God's internal rewards.

When the Master tells us that the devil is "a liar, and the father of it," (John 8.44), He is speaking especially of Satan in Paul, Ezra, and Muhammad and the lies they teach about God and what is required of salvation. That He identifies the devil as a liar and the father of the lie tells us loud and clear that being a liar is the greatest, most self-defeating sin. Add all His references to "Truth" in the Gospel -- especially in John's version -- all the internal discomfort and consequences we suffer from being dishonest, and all the rewards of freedom we experience for becoming honest, and we again come to perceive that man's being a liar and believing lies is the deadliest sin of all.

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