Romans Exposed (Part 4)

Romans 1.18-28

When Paul claimed that God gave salvation first to the Jews and the Greeks, he was horribly maligning God by presenting Him as a racist and nationalist who expressed preferential treatment to Jews and Greeks. Paul's ulterior motives were that of attempting to seduce the pagan Roman Christians into extreme jealousy of Jews and Greeks. Why the Greeks? Because the teachings of the Greek philosophers Socrates, Aristotle, etc. were much closer to God's Truth than were the religious beliefs taught and practiced by the Romans. Therefore, drawing the Greeks who had studied those philosophies into salvation was much easier than was drawing Roman pagans into salvation. That many Greeks were among the first to believe that Jesus is the Savior is readily revealed in the book of Acts. Thus, Paul was appealing to Roman ethnocentrism, nationalism, hatred and jealousy of Jews and Greeks in an effort to incite them into slaughtering Jews and Greeks, especially the Lord's genuine disciples. Paul's assault on God is amplified when the reader perceives that the subliminal message Paul was sending included:

Oh, by the way. If you beloved Italian saints don't like it that God let you remain ignorant while He kept me here preaching to His hoity-toity Jews and Greeks, blame God, not me. After all, God is the one who thinks Jews and Greeks are so much better than you are, not me! Heh-heh.

Why would Paul so vilely misrepresent the true nature of God? The answer is because Paul/Satan deliberately sought to offend sensitive people with his false portrayal. He succeeded in so offending those people who erroneously thought that Paul was God's representative that they turned away from God Himself, and turned away from studying the Gospel. Thereby, Paul/Satan got to keep on controlling them in hell. What a scam. What a very stupid scam at that. After all, Paul cheated himself out of Heaven, too.

To all the people all over the world who want to know why God sent His Son in the flesh to Israel and not elsewhere, I provide some answers now.

God honors His children. Abraham, Moses, most of the prophets, etc., were Semitic Jews. God's sending His Son as a Jew to the Jews is one of the ways that God honors the Jews. Nevertheless, God does not discriminate. Part of the service that the genealogy given in the book of Matthew provides is in informing us that David's grandmother was Ruth. The Old Testament tells us the Ruth was a Gentile. Therefore, David himself was part Gentile.

When God says He honors the children of the people who love Him, He is saying that He honors the spiritual children of the people who believe Him. In other words, the race called Jews or Hebrews is not what God honors. Instead, He honors the people who adhere to God's commandments given in the Old Testament that are legitimately of God. In other words, any human being anywhere in the world who obeys God with the loyalty and faithfulness expressed by Abraham is honored by God BIG time.

Even defining what a Jew is these days is difficult, if not impossible. Being a Jew is not a race anymore because essentially, Jews are made up of Semitic, Arab-looking people, northern European, blond-haired, blue-eyed Caucasians, and black Ethiopians. Neither is a Jew defined by his being a practicing member of the Jewish religion. A Jewish atheist who does not believe that God exists at all is still considered to be a Jew if he comes out of the Jewish heritage, whatever that yet-to-be defined heritage might be. Besides, I strongly believe that Jews have always been a mixed breed of races as are so many of us humans today. When a Gentile married a Jew and converted to the religion of Judaism, that person was considered a Jew, and his race was absorbed into the Semitic Jewish bloodline.

One of the major reasons Jesus appeared to the Jews is because the Jews could write. Native Americans, for example, could not write back then. Had the Master appeared to people who could not write, what He said would not have been written down, and the Gospel would not have been preserved for all the following generations of us humans to study and believe.

Jews, and the Gentiles who converted to Jewish beliefs, were the people who possessed and trusted the Old Testament scriptures to be authentically of God. Nobody else did. All the rest of the peoples of the world who could write held to pagan, unrealistic spiritual beliefs. Because what pagans believe is so adversarial to what the Lord teaches, had He appeared elsewhere, they would have slaughtered Him before He had much to say. Again, His premature execution would have resulted in our lack of having His full Gospel to follow, study, and obey.

At the time that Jesus appeared on earth, the Middle East was the center of trade throughout the world. Traders from China, India, and Northern Africa had to pass through the Middle East in order to trade with Europe, and vice versa. The message of the Savior was indeed intended to be carried throughout the world.

Now put yourself in God's shoes. If you had the power, authority, and ability to send the Savior of all of humanity as quickly as you could to enact a successful mission, when and where would you place the Savior?

Now hold the thought that humanity has had the Gospel to study and believe for approaching 2,000 years, and in all that time, almost nobody came to believe the Lord. Even the religious Jews do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah. What makes their failure to believe Him so bizarre is that among them are wonderful scientists who keep warning and warning that our planet is in such distress with pollution and potentially totally destructive weapons that the end of the world is at our doorsteps. All the while, the same people sit around with their fingers up their nose waiting for the Messiah whom they claim is yet to come in the flesh. Does that make sense to you?

Further, consider the Christians. They have the Gospel right under their noses to study, swallow, digest, believe, and obey, and yet to this day, not one Christian believes the Gospel. They cannot even perceive it.

The primary points I am trying to make here is that:

  1. God does not care one iota about our race, nationality, age, or gender; and
  2. Paul's misrepresentation of God as a racist is again ultimate blasphemy.

God wants all of us to gain salvation. He placed His Son in that area of the world where the most people would have access to His Word and, therefore, to salvation.

Now watch the twisted, ludicrously discriminatory Paul turn around and talk out of the other side of his forked tongue.

1.18-19 On the other hand, if you Romans hate the Jews and the Greeks, take heart, because so does God. See, even though God shows off His righteousness by displaying partiality and absurd loyalty to Jews and Greeks, God also reveals His wrath from Heaven towards all those people's ungodliness and sin. Even though Jews and Greeks are the first ones to know God's Truth, they use the Truth in unrighteous ways. Nevertheless, my gospel says that whatever may be known of God has manifested itself in the Jews and Greeks, because God has shown Himself to them first. So when you find yourselves hating Jews and Greeks, it's God in them that you hate, not them. Heh-heh.
1.20-21 The invisible things of God are clearly understood by the things that are made when the things that are made (humans) study the creation of the world. Even God's eternal power and Godhead are understood by those who examine the creation of the world.

Oh, really? Well, let's see.

Calling all Jews and Greeks who have studied the creation of the world. How many of you understand the invisible things of God? How many of you understand everything there is to be known about God's eternal power and Godhead? How about you Christian Creationists. How much do you know about God, His power, and Godhead? Hmm. I don't see anybody raising his hand.

Okay, how about all of you scientists who study the creation of the universe. With all your advanced technology and information, how much do you know about God Himself? Hmm. I still don't see anybody raising his hand.

Okay, let's try it this way. Hey, all you math experts. Which one of you knows everything there is to know about math? I mean math is just a little, bitty slice of natural law. Since natural law proceeds from God, anybody who knows everything there is to know about God certainly ought to know everything there is to know about math, eh? So how come I don't see any of you mathematicians raising your hands? ... Oh, so the invention of the computer let you know of a certainty that no human being would ever have the intellect and power to know everything there is to know about math, eh?

What is my point? The point is that Paul is a humongous liar, and in so many ways, an exceedingly absurd liar at that. None of us humans can know everything there is to know about God. Sometimes I marvel that Christians could be so gullible as to swallow lies like that one.

Now watch Paul start foaming at the mouth with more lies.

1.20-21 Since the Jews and the Greeks have been made and they are the intellects who have studied the creation of the world, they have no excuse for their unrighteous behavior. When they came to know God, they did not glorify Him for being God. They did not thank Him for anything, either. Instead, those inexcusable, thankless know-it-all Jews and Greeks became conceited about all the knowledge they had gained about God. And in their empty and worthless fantasying, they all got the same wicked heart. Their foolish heart was darkened, too. Their heart became ignorant and evil.

Oh, so Moses, Abraham, Isaiah, David, Jesus, Peter, John... were merely conceited, ignorant, fantasy-weaving, wicked-hearted fools, eh, asphole? Are you still feeling comfortable about repeating Paul's babble, Christian?

1.22-25 Jews and Greeks profess to be wise, but they are fools! Even though God is incorruptible, His glory IS corruptible. His glory is corruptible because the Jews and Greeks corrupted His glory when they started making religious artwork. In their statues, paintings, icons, etc., they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into a singular image that looks like a corruptible man that looks like multiple birds that look like four-footed beasts that look like creeping things. Therefore, God gave up on them. He turned the Jews and Greeks over to be imprisoned by their own heart's intense and filthy homosexual desires so that they would dishonor their own bodies among themselves.
All Jews and Greeks are homosexual perverts! They changed the truth of God into a lie. Jews and Greeks are the ones who serve the creature more than the Creator. The Creator, however, is blessed forever. Amen.

Amen? Where's the prayer? So the Lord and His disciples were homosexuals, eh? Is that what you Christians believe? What makes Paul's accusations almost laughable is that those nasty gargoyles he describes most typically decorate Christian churches and buildings. Suey!

1.26-28 Because the Jews and Greeks did all those terrible things, God gave up on them. He turned them over to vile affections. Mother Nature says that men are supposed to use women's bodies to satisfy their own sexual urges. Mother Nature also says that women are supposed to let men use them, too. Watch out for those Jewish and Greek women, though, because they refused to let males use them anymore. Instead, all Jewish and Greek women changed the natural heterosexual use of their bodies into perverted lesbianism so that they could perform acts that are opposed to Mother Nature.
Likewise, Jewish and Greek men stopped using women. Instead, the men burned hot in their sexual passion for one another. They are performing indecent sexual acts with other men. They are receiving God's suitable pay-back inside themselves for their error, too. How appropriate for mean old God to turn those thankless, know-it-all Jews and Greeks into homosexuals, too. Since they did not like to retain their knowledge of God, God abandoned them and condemned them by forcing them to possess reprobate minds just so they could perform all those inconvenient sexual acts. (Pssssssst! See, God is the one who forces people to become homosexuals, so if you're gay and don't want to be that way, blame mean old God!)

What a lie. First Paul exalts Jews and Greeks as being God's favorite humans. Then Paul turns right around and claims that God hates all Jews and Greeks. The man was nuts! The evil spirits within Paul consumed you Christians. That is why you have such a horribly ugly history of persecuting Jews. No more!

I also hear the same Paulian lie that blames God for homosexuality coming out of the mouths of gay people when they claim to have been born homosexual. I do not believe that. Instead, I believe a person becomes homosexual by having homosexual fantasies, and falsely assuming that those fantasies mean that person is gay. I also believe some people simply experiment by performing homosexual acts, experience the sexual intoxication that attends practicing inappropriate sexual behaviors, and thereafter become addicted to that form of intoxication.

A gay friend told me that because the Gospel according to John states that John was the disciple whom Jesus loved, some homosexual people believe that Jesus Himself was gay. Further, I heard a gay Christian preacher on the radio claiming that Jesus never said anything against homosexuality, and that, therefore, we are not supposed to assume that practicing homosexuality is a sin.

Let's get this straight, people. Jesus states that fornication, adultery, and lasciviousness are sins. Therefore, if any sexual behavior includes adultery, fornication, or lascivisiousness, that sexual behavior is a sin. It then becomes the responsibility of each person to check his own behaviors to see if they include fornication, adultery, or lasciviousness. If so, each is to knock it off. The answers to what constitutes appropriate verses inappropriate sexual behaviors are that easy to discern.

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