Romans Exposed (Part 3)

Habakkuk's Response to Paul

One of the many fascinating aspects of the Bible is how Paul so often tells on himself by misquoting Old Testament scriptures that in actuality are prophesies that nail Paul as the bad guy. One of God's amazing abilities is that of seeing and hearing the future. Therefore, thousands of years ago, God confronted Paul's madness in response to Paul's babble long before Paul was even born and had spoken or written it. In the instance of Paul's quotation, "The just shall live by faith," given in Romans 1.17, Paul misquoted the prophet Habakkuk. Listen to what Habakkuk really heard and saw in his visions, and how both Habakkuk and God responded to those visions of future events. Know, too, that Habakkuk could almost as easily have been confronting the insanity of religious Jews and Muslims.

Habakkuk 1.1 The burden which Habakkuk the prophet did see:
2"O Lord, how long shall I cry, and you will not hear? I even cry out to you of the violence, and you will not save! 3Why do you show me iniquity and cause me to behold grievance? Spoiling and violence are before me. I see those that raise up in strife and contention. 4Your Law is slackened by the Christians. Good judgment never goes forth from their lips. Because the wicked one (Paul) compasses around the righteous (your Son), wrong judgment proceeds out of the Christians' mouths (because they believe Paul's idiotic judgments and felonious interpretations of God's Doctrine.)"
The Lord answers, 5"Behold you among the heathen, and regard this work, and wonder marvelously, for I will work a work in your day which you will not believe even though it will be told to you, 6for, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans (Christians) -- a bitter and hasty nation which shall march through the breadth of the land to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs."

That is a direct hit on Paul's persecution of the Lord's disciples, his take-over of the Master's authority as mankind's only Savior, to Constantine's conquering of Rome, to Christian crusades, and to Christian nations' invasions of the Americas, India, Africa, China, etc.

Chaldeans (root word Kasdiy in Hebrew) are defined as "astrologers." Their country, Chaldea, was originally the south portion of Babylonia. Chaldea was considered "the glory of Babylon." In turn, Christianity represents "the glory of Babble-on" / the world's religions because Chaldea / Christianity possesses the greatest population of babblers, and the most money, property, prestige, and power to manipulate, control, exploit, enslave, and terrorize other people.

The definition of astrology is the divination of a supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs and terrestrial events by their positions and aspects. In the realm of Spirituality, all religions

  • play the game of pretending to know who the stars of Spirituality are, and
  • proclaim their stars to hold the only road to salvation.

To the people of the seven major religions of the world, their stars are Paul, Muhammad, Ezra, Lao Tsi, Confucius, Siddhartha Gautama, Krishna--all of whom are presumed by their adherents to know the path to salvation when, in reality, not one of those people (except Paul) knew God or how to gain salvation at all. Of the seven, only Paul had made direct, conscious contact with the Savior, but Paul willfully chose to war against the salvation of human life and to promote himself / Satan instead. And every single one of the heads of the world's religions is a false prophet just like the astrologers of today are.

As for the study of astrology itself, I see no harm in it EXCEPT when it turns into a religion and astrologers / false prophets actually go around pretending to know the forecast for what is going to happen to a person on a given day due to the sign under which that person was born. What hogwash.

When it comes to astrologers seeing general personalities and/or characteristics of humans born under a given sign, I believe in it; i.e., I believe that God uses the influence of stars, the moon, planets, gravitation, weather, etc. to help create personality differences in people because He loves variety, but those personality characteristics are general, not specific and cast in stone. I believe astrologers are given that ability because one of my friends got into astology, and she could do a great job of deciphering under which sign a person was born by assessing that person's personality (being ornery / Scorpio) and characteristics (being a great housekeeper / Capricorn).... And God tells us that it is not okay to see something like that happen and not believe.

I also believe the wise men who saw the star and knew it to be a sign of the birth of the Savior were astrologers, and at the time, astronomy and astrology were enmeshed in one science. The wise men worshiped the Savior, however, not the star, astrology, or astronomy.

The Hebrew root word for Chaldeans, Kasdiy, needs to be translated phonetically into English in order for us to understand its meaning: the die (shaping tool / the lies) cast by any one of religion's head honchos causes his adherents to die Spiritually and to be cast into Hell!

Now listen again to what God says.

5 "Behold you among the heathen, and regard this work, and wonder marvelously, for I will work a work in your day which you will not believe even though it will be told to you, 6for, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans (Christians) -- a bitter and hasty nation which shall march through the breadth of the land to possess the dwelling places that are not theirs."

That's just one more of a multitude of prophecies in which God forwarned us that He would make sure that the antiChrist and his Christians would come into existence to deceive the whole world. Why did He do it? The number one answer is: TO TEST US! To test whether we would remain loyal to Him and His Word, or allow ourselves to be deceived by other humans.

7 "The Christians are terrible and dreadful. Their judgment and their dignity shall proceed of themselves, not God. 8Their horses also are swifter than the leopards, and are more fierce than the evening wolves. Their horsemen shall spread out, and their horsemen shall come from far. They shall fly (swoop down) as the eagle that hastens to eat its prey. 9They shall all come for violence. Their faces shall sup (devour) as quickly as if they were the east wind, and they shall gather (heap up piles of) the captivity as if their captives were piles of sand.
10 They shall scoff at the kings, and the princes shall be a scorn to them. (Not only is God referring to their scoffing at and scorning governmental leaders, but to their disdain of God's prophets, too.) They shall deride every stronghold, for they shall heap up piles of human dust, and shall take it.
11 Then shall the mind of Paul, Constantine, and Paul's Christians change. He shall pass over and offend, and claim that his power is of 'his God.'"
Habakkuk answering, says, 12"Are you not from everlasting, oh Lord my God, my Holy One? We shall not die. O Lord, you have ordained them to suffer the Judgment, not us. O mighty God, you have established them for correction. 13You are of purer eyes than to behold evil. You cannot stand to look on iniquity, so how do you look upon them that deal so treacherously? How do you hold your tongue when the wicked man devours the man that is more righteous than himself? 14How can you endure the man who considers humans to be like the fish of the sea who are meant to be devoured, and as the creeping things that have no ruler over them?
15 The Christians take up all of their captives with the angle (fish hook). They catch them in their net, and gather them in their drag. Therefore, they rejoice and are glad, 16and they sacrifice unto their net, and burn incense to their drag. Because of them, the portion of the Christians is fat, and their meat is plenteous. 17Shall they, therefore, empty their net? Shall they not cease to continually slay the nations?"
Habakkuk 2.1 Then I told myself, "I will stand upon my watch. I will set me upon the tower, and I will watch to see what God will say to me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved."

Habakkuk is showing us by his own example that he would rather risk enduring the pain of God's chastenings in response to Habakkuk's questioning God as to why He allowed such madness than to receive no answer at all. That willingness to endure the pain of God's chastenings in order to learn more Truth is also very obvious in Peter, the rock upon whom the Lord will yet build His church. I tell you again and again that the willingness to take the risks of enduring the pain of God's discipline and chastenings -- and of being rejected by human societies -- is critical to the gaining of salvation and answers from God.

2 And the Lord answered me, and said, "Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables so that he that reads it may run with it, 3for the vision is yet to happen in its appointed time. At the end of the madness, the vision shall speak, and not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it, because it will surely come. And when it comes, it will not tarry."

God is telling us that once we see what Habakkuk's vision represents, Judgment Day comes quickly thereafter.

4 "Behold, the soul of him which is lifted up (Paul) is not upright in him. Nevertheless, those who seek to be just shall live by his definition of "faith" (and Paul's definition of faith is nothing more than pure nonsense!) 5Yes, also, because he transgresses by wine, he is a proud man. (Paul wasn't just an adrenaline-addicted braggart, but a flaming alcoholic.)
Paul does not keep a home. Instead, he enlarges his desire to spread hell and tramples all over the earth as a missionary / evangelist. He is as death, and cannot be satisfied. He gathers all nations unto himself, and heaps piles of all people unto himself."

Of a certainty, Habakkuk's scriptures do not refer to the Jews. Jews do not proselytize. Their claim to be "God's chosen people" makes them extremely self-exalting, self-promoting, discriminatory snobs who degrade the worth of Gentiles. The Jews become dogs in the manger who attempt to hog God for themselves so they can appear to be so superior to the rest of us humans. Instead, through Habakkuk, the Lord is nailing Christians big time, especially Christian navigators, explorers, conquistadors, and missionaries nearly all of whom were motivated by greed.

Martin Luther, the Catholic monk whose writings incited the great schism that resulted in the formation of Protestantism separated from Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy in the 1500's, viciously attacked Jews. He urged authorities to burn their synagogues, schools, and homes, to confiscate their books and money, and to exile the Jews to Palestine. All Luther really wanted was their money and stuff in the first place. While Luther ranted and raved over the Vatican's selling of indulgences, he himself considered it "righteous" to steal from, horribly persecute, and prey on Jews. Nevertheless, millions of Luther ants continue to worship that dis-ease-creating germ of a man.

After Protestantism took hold, Christianity's Wars of Religion dominated Europe. So severe was the slaughter and destruction that Germany was left minus one-third to one-half of its population -- devastation from which Germany did not recover until the late 1800's.

A college history textbook readily reveals the wicked motivations of greed with which Christian conquistadors were obsessed while feigning to express "Christian love" to their prey. This quote describes the actions of Portuguese Christians in 1505 A.D. regarding their invasion of Kilwa, a coastal city in southeast Africa.

A member of the expedition recounts that they captured this city of "many strong houses several stories high" without opposition from the surprised inhabitants. Then "the Vicar-General and some of the Franciscan fathers came ashore carrying two crosses in procession and singing the Te Deum. They went to the palace, and there the cross was put down and the Admiral prayed. Then everyone started to plunder the town of all its merchandise and provisions." Later the Portuguese made their way up the Zambezi River and similarly undermined the Monomotapa Empire. L.S. Stavrianos. The World to 1500: a Global History. Fourth Edition. Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. 1988 Page 291. Cited by B. Davidson, Africa in History. (Macmillan, 1968), p. 168.

Another college history textbook presents an account of the actions of Spanish conquistadors and missionaries in New Mexico in their attempts to conquer and proselytize Native Americans.

At the Acoma pueblo the Spaniards met with great resistance [from the Native Americans]. Late in 1598 Indians at Acoma contested the troops; thirteen Spaniards including three officers were slain. An army of Spaniards returned to Acoma in January 1599. Royal troops scaled the steep, protective cliffs and captured the mesa after three days of fierce fighting, some of it bloody hand-to-hand combat. After the defenders capitulated, the soldiers proceeded to kill 800 Indians and capture 80 men and 500 women and children. At a trial, which Onate [the Spanish leader] deliberately made public to serve as an example to the other pueblo peoples, the Spanish tribunal passed harsh sentences upon the Acoma survivors as punishment for resisting Spanish rule. Each male over twenty-five years of age was to have one foot amputated and to serve twenty years' servitude. Each male between the ages of twelve and twenty-five was to serve twenty years' servitude. Each woman over twelve years of age was to serve twenty years' servitude. Captives were to serve sentences as slaves to Spanish colonists in New Mexico. All Acoma children under twelve were placed with missionaries. Two Hopi Indians, who were present at Acoma during the battle and taken prisoner, were, in the words of Onate, "to have the right hand cut off and to be set free in order that they may convey to their land the news of this punishment."
While Franciscan padres often interceded on behalf of oppressed Native Americans, they brooked little deviation from the regula, the process which they had developed to convert the Indians from native religions. In most pueblos missionaries used threats of punishment to enforce conformity; civil officials carried out the punishment prescribed by the padres. Indians who "strayed" were punished in various ways. Some were hung by their arms from the public whipping post and lashed; others were required to stand in a small circle for hours at a time on public display; and a few recalcitrants were hung. Arrell Morgan Gibson. The American Indian: Prehistory to Present. D.C. Heath and Co. Lexington, Massachusetts.1980. pp. 102-103. Cited by Ward A. Minge. Acoma: Pueblo in the Sky (Albuquerque, N.M., 1976), pp. 13-14.

Do you really think death from a nuclear warhead would be worse than that?

Now check out what old Christopher Columbus, the "discoverer" of America, had to say. What a typical Christian motivated by greed he was -- as is revealed in his letter dated March 14, 1493 to Raphael Sanchez, treasurer of Aragon and one of his patrons. First, Christopher offered an account describing Native Americans and their treasures. Then the cock crowed:

I promise, that with a little assistance afforded me by our most invincible sovereigns, I will procure them as much gold as they need, as great a quantity of spices, of cotton,... and as many men for the service of the navy [in other words, as many slaves] as Their Majesties may require.... Therefore, let the King and Queen, our Princes, and their most happy kingdoms, and all the other provinces of Christendom render thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who has granted us so great a victory and such prosperity. Let processions be made and sacred feasts be held and the temples be adorned with festive boughs. Let Christ rejoice on earth, as He rejoices in heaven in the prospect of the salvation of the souls of so many nations hitherto lost. Let us also rejoice, as well on account of the exaltation of our faith as on account of the increase of our temporal prosperity, of which not only Spain but all Christendom will be partakers. The Annals of America, Volume 1. Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. M.J. Adler, Ed. William Benton, Publisher. Chicago, IL. 1968. p. 5. Source: Select Letters of Christopher Columbus, etc., etc., R. H. Major, ed., London, 1847, pp. 1-17.

Well, cockadoodledoo! So you think your kings and queens were invincible, eh, Christ-off-er? And you think the Lord granted you that victory and prosperity, do you? And you think Jesus rejoiced on earth and in Heaven over the great prospect of "salvation" afforded by you Christians slaughtering, enslaving and exploiting other people and their natural resources, eh? If Christopher's account of what the Son of God is like and does is not full-blown blasphemy, what is?

By the way, you've heard that Christopher Columbus was an alcoholic, haven't you? Yep. When he got to where he was going he didn't know where he was, when he got back he didn't know where he had been, and a woman paid for his trip.

I'm just kidding. Actually the Spanish Inquisition had been going on for years. Isabella's pockets had grown fat due to all the money and possessions she, her priestatutes, and friers had stolen from the Muslims and Jews they had slaughtered, imprisoned, or sent into exile. Therefore, Muslims and Jews paid for his trip.

Habakkuk 2 continues.

6 "Shall not these people --Christian prey -- take up a parable against him / Paul? Shall not all these people take up a taunting proverb against him, and say, 'Woe to him that increases that which is not his!'"

Native Americans sure do when they confront the madness of the great Paulian named Christopher Columbus. They also do it when they confront the Christian white man who speaks with forked tongue. Good for you, Native Americans. I've got a little bit of your blood in me, too, and I'm glad.

"How long will Paul continue as the lord of Christianity? How long will he who ladens himself up with the thick clay of human flesh continue? 7Shall not the people whom you Christians have bitten rise up suddenly to bite you? When they awaken to your apostasy, shall they not vex you? Will you not be as booties to them?
8 Because you Christians have spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil you. They will spoil you because of all the blood of mankind that you have shed due to the violence of your land of Christendumb, and of your city (the Vatican in Rome), and of all that dwell in your churches."

Do not think that now is open season on the Christians. Our get-evens get even with us. Throughout the past 2,000 years, many people have seen Christian hypocrisy and have tried to get even with them. It does not work. It back-fires. We let their sins so inflame us that we react with exceedingly sinful behaviors ourselves that also just as readily war against God's commandments. In the process of committing those sins, we are cheated out of our own salvation.

The focus of the work of each of us must be on gaining our own salvation. Christians are the warriors, not God's children. From the day of their foundation in Paul, Christians have been warring against God. The job of God's children is disarmament. Our most effective weapons that spoil Christianity are:

  1. our mouths and writing skills that confront their apostasy; and
  2. our withholding our money and support from Christian churches, priests, preachers, universities, etc.

Then Christianity falls flat on its face, and when she is forced to cut her losses, we inherit her property, tear down the crosses, and come together to worship God for real.

Therefore, turn the focus on yourself. Repent and believe the Gospel, and become the kind of person that you wish other people would be. For as long as people keep expecting other people to change without changing themselves, nobody changes. Besides, a huge portion of current Christians will be among the first to put down their Christian identity, will repent and believe the Gospel, and will become some of the most marvelous witnesses for God.

God does indeed seek to save Christians from their sins, too. If you kill them and/or destroy their property, you, too, will be warring against the will of God, and for that you will have hell to pay. Besides, vengeance is God's job. All of us carry a measure of God's Spirit within ourselves. All God has to do is remove His Spirit from any human being and that person is dead meat. God knows who is worthy of death and who is not. Let Him do His job.

God sees the future. We do not. He knows who will and who won't come to believe Him and do what is right. We do not. The most horribly evil sinner can turn around to become the best witness for God. Do not deprive Christians of their opportunity to gain salvation. Just leave them and their property alone.

Habakkuk 2 continues with the Lord Himself doing the speaking:

9 "Woe to him that covets an evil covetousness, and brings it into God's House so that he may set his own nest on high, thinking that in so doing, he may be delivered from the power of evil! 10You have consulted with the devil, Christian, and have brought shame to your house by cutting off many people from their opportunity to gain salvation. You have sinned against your own soul. 11For that, the stone on your wall shall cry out to expose your apostasy, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.
12 Woe to him that builds a town with blood, and establishes a city by practicing iniquity! 13Behold, it is not the will of the Lord of hosts that people should enslave one another, and that people of color should labor in the fire of the heat of the day wearying themselves slaving away to fuel your great laziness, vanity and greed, you white, honky-tonk Christian pigs!
14 The earth shall be filled with knowledge of the glory of the Lord. They shall be as filled with such knowledge as are the waters that cover the seas.
15 Woe unto him (Paul and all his sex-perverted clones) who gives his neighbors alcohol, who puts your bottle in front of your neighbor to drink, and makes him drunken like you are so that you may look upon his nakedness while your neighbor is passed out! 16You are filled with shame as a result of your quest for glory, you filthy priestatutes! Well, you drink of the cup, also. Let the foreskin of YOUR teeny weeny peeny be uncovered, and let YOU suffer the shame and victimization you inflicted on your neighbors.
The cup of the Lord's right hand -- the Gospel -- shall be turned against you when my children speak it in response to your blasphemies! Your shameful spewing (shooting off your mouth) shall be seen for the worthless babble that it is, and shame will take the place of all your so-called 'glory' in repayment 17for the violence you committed in Lebanon all over the world, and shame will cover you from head to toe."

According to Strong's Concordance, Lebanon is the chief mountain range in Syria. It's name means "white" due to its being snow-capped in winter. The root word from which Lebanon stems is lebab, meaning "heart." Put it all together, and what God-through-Habakkuk is referring to is the mountain of white (pure)- hearted people who have been persecuted, terrorized, misused, abused, enslaved, exploited, and murdered by Christendumb. Ooh, you Christians are in a heap of big trouble.

"The spoil of beasts will cover you. You made people afraid of you, Christians, because of all the blood of men that you have shed, and because of the violence that is expressed by the people of your land named Christianity, and your city named the Vatican in Rome, and your filthy book of Romans, and of all Christians that dwell therein.
18 What profit is in your graven image, the cross? How does the maker of the cross, the engraver, and the molder gain any Spiritual profit at all from making that dumb idol? Your molten image of the cross is worshiped by you Christians as a result of your believing the teacher of lies, Paul. That the maker of the cross trusts in the dogma of the teacher of lies, and yet your adherence to even one of Paul's commandments or your making of the cross does not work to draw you into salvation. Therein is the proof that what you do is insane. Doing what Paul says to do does not work for the good of mankind in reality. How ignorant can you Christians be to trust something that does not work in reality? Haven't you heard? 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.' How could you trust some priestatute who says it is okay to cast idols when everywhere else in the Bible other than in Paul's dogma you heard God say, 'NO!' to graven images and idols?
19 Woe to him that says to the wood of their graven image, the cross, 'Awake! It's time for you to perform another exorcism!' or, 'Awake! It's time for you to slay the vampire!' or, 'Awake! It's time for us to take your stations!' or, 'Awake! It's time for us to hold another Crusade/Cross-aid!" or,'Awake! It's time for us to pig out celebrating the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross!'
And, woe to those who bow down before your Christian statues and say, 'Arise! It shall teach!' 'Hail Mary, speak to God for me.' 'Christopher, protect me.' 'Francis, bless my dog!'
Behold, your crosses and statues are laid over with gold and silver, but there is no breath -- no life -- in them at all. How are your dumb statues and crosses going to teach you, protect you, and speak to God on your behalf? Have you ever experienced your practices working in the realm of Spirituality/Reality?
You live in La-La Land, Christianity! 20But the Lord, my Son, is in His holy temple, the Gospel. Let all the earth keep silence before Him while He teaches you people the right way to be."

You go, Lord!

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