Romans Exposed (Part 2)

[Note: This is a very direct approach. Do not read if you want to remain in a comfort zone]

Paul's Epistle to the Romans Exposed


1.5 Since the resurrection of the Son of God in Me gives Me the spirit of holiness and the power to be called the Son of God, I receive God's grace and apostleship. Now that you Romans have labeled yourselves 'Christians,' you have proven yourselves to be obedient to Me, too. Therefore, you are now an official member of the international community of Christians -- all of whom also receive grace and apostleship for having taken the name of the Lord in vain. Heh-heh. 6In fact, since you now count yourselves to be among My Christians, you Romans are also called "The Called of Jesus Christ."

Naw. That's just Satan suckering the Christians with people-pleasing flattery so they will worship and adore the worthless puke. Paul does it again and again throughout his letters. His flattery of his mindless Christians is also an effort designed to sucker the Christians into getting all puffed up so that they will indulge in the adrenaline intoxication hooked to practicing bragging rites themselves. In so doing, Paul seduces them into willful disobedience to the Gospel which tells us that bragging is of evil.

Their believing Paul is why so many Christians go around acting as if they think they are so much better than the rest of us, and why they are such snobs who separate from, judge, and condemn people outside their particular sectarian Satanic cult. Once the great anti-Christ has them segregated from the rest of society, holding them down in ignorance by feeding them nothing but Satan's crusty creed gives him progressive and deadly control over them. In time, their murdering other humans whom Paul seduces them into believing are inferior to themselves becomes too easy.

So how about a quick reality check, Christian. In all your studies of Paul, religion and history, how many Roman saints do you see existing prior to Paul's death? Can you find even one? Considering that God honors and exalts the works of His children, and no good works can be seen as having been performed by any of the people who dwelled in the city of Rome at the time of Paul, we are notified loud and clear by God that Paul was lying through his teeth when he flattered the Romans and claimed that they had become God's children.

7 To all you Roman Christians who are beloved of God and called to be saints, I send grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ in Me.
8 First, through Jesus Christ in Me, I thank My God for giving all you Romans to Me, because people throughout the whole world are buzzing about how faithful you are to Me. Heh-heh.

Bite the dust, Satan, for the Spirit of the Son of man through David was referring to you and your Christians when David wrote,

"There is no faithfulness in the mouth of my enemies. Their inward part is extreme wickedness. Their throat is an open sepulcher. They flatter with their tongue." Psalm 5.9

Paul was a sickeningly syrupy-sweet sycophant. His obnoxious self-seeking flattery is amplified by howls like, "Jesus Christ LOVES you!" spewing out of the mouths of Christians, especially televangelists who think their flattering people will sucker their audiences into giving the lie-spewing, God-defiling preachers more money. Are you Christians really so ignorant and insensitive as to believe that God loves Hitler, members of the Coop of Clucks Clan, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Richard Speck, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban? If so, you do not know God at all!

Paul dictated this letter from Corinth, Greece prior to his trials for blasphemy. At the time, he intended to head for Rome as a free man, so this letter was his introductory calling card. His gushing absurd flattery to people-please the Romans is typical of his, "Tell 'em I am God's guy. Then tell them what they WANT to hear so they'll worship ME, let ME control them, and give ME all their money!" trash talk.

In direct contrast, the Lord is no respecter of people's race, gender, nationality, socio-economic status, etc., and He commands us to be the same way.

"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment." John 7.24

As a general rule, we have to listen to what another person has to say or watch his behavior before we can judge his judgment. That racism is a form of judging people by their appearance, and that doing so is such a big no-no, I find it very interesting that I have not heard even one black Christian leader quote John 7.24 in their efforts to disarm racism. Why? Because most had never even heard it before. How mind-boggling!

I tell you again that the term "iniquity" is God's terminology, and thus the correct terminology, for "discrimination." Iniquity is un-equity; i.e., the uneven, unfair, unjust, wicked treatment of people that includes degrading and abusing others based on judging them by their physical appearance. God despises racism, sexism, etc. Yet, for all the Lord's preaching on the woes that come to each and every person who practices iniquity, I have yet to hear even one black preacher or Christian feminist leader use the terminology "iniquity," or quote the Lord's Doctrine regarding iniquity in their efforts to disarm racism, sexism, etc. Again, their failure is mind-boggling -- all the more-so considering the Master is the only one with the power and authority to disarm iniquity/discrimination inside each of us. Therefore, repeating His Doctrine is the most effective tool for disengaging the madness.

When a person is genuinely in the process of gaining salvation, he is studying the Gospel so he can learn how to act right. Our looking up the meanings of words, including their meanings in their original language, is a critical, automatic part of the process. We want to know what "iniquity" means so we won't do it and have to suffer the woes. If any one of the Christian leaders had truly been a child of God, they would have known that "iniquity" applies to racism and sexism, too. They would have educated people about the terminology in their speeches and writings, repeated the Master's Doctrine, and most of man's inhumanity to man would have been disarmed long ago.

Instead, again and again throughout Paul's dogmanure, he willfully seduced Christians into practicing extreme iniquity, and he did it by first appealing to them through flattery so that they would be suckered into the fallacious thinking that they themselves are so superior the rest of us. Peeyu!

What Paul is about to say next is an, "Oh-oh," in that whenever he says something like, "As God is my witness," or "Behold, I lie not," he is telling a whopping big lie. And heeeeeere it is!

9 As God is My witness, I serve Him with My spirit in the Gospel of His Son, and without ceasing I always make mention of you Romans in My prayers.

If you believe that "without ceasing" Paul "always" "mentioned" the Roman Christians in his "prayers," there's a priestatute out there wearing a dog collar who wants you to pay him to pray for you. Just like his Christyin priestatutes, Paul did not pray; he preyed. Neither did Paul serve God. Paul was consumed by evil spirits and only served himself. What Paul did and taught wars against the Gospel! He was not only a self-promoting sleazebucket, but he and his babble is the head of all self-promoting Satanists, for slices of Paul's lies are found in all of the world's religions. Paul's dogma is not the Gospel of the Son, but the Truth twisted upside down, sideways, backwards, and kicked in the teeth!

Paul suckered his Christians into practicing manipulative, controlling, wicked behaviors that willfully defy obedience to God's commandments. When the Christians complied, they often experienced the power of the evil spirits inside themselves. They then misidentified those evil, intoxicating spirits as being the comforts of the Comforter, and practiced those wicked behaviors over and over until they got hooked to Satan's adrenaline rushes. In the process, they are out of control behaviorally due to their addiction to adrenaline intoxication.

When we enter the Gospel in quest of salvation, a primary human foible that the Master teaches us to put down is adrenaline intoxication. When He says that our responding with more than two yes's or two no's is of evil, He is referring to the evils of adrenaline rushes and forewarning us that adrenaline is as addictive as is alcohol or any other mood- and mind-altering chemical except sexual intoxication. Adrenaline is fueled in us most frequently by the words we speak and write, especially when we are practicing controlling behaviors while attempting to make other people mind us.

Thus far in Romans, Paul has already practiced several of human behaviors that tap into adrenaline intoxication: lying, bragging, flattering others, swearing (making oaths/promises), and blaspheming. He was a big time adrenaline junkie, as are the vast majority of his Christians, especially pentacostals who babble in unknown tongues, charismatics who keep singing phrases of a song over and over again trying to "catch" the Holy Spirit, red-faced, sweaty fundamentalist finger-pointing preachers who scream hell's fire and damnation and who accuse us cigarette smokers of being damned to hell, protest ants, demon-strators, and crusaders.

In fact, adrenaline (dopamine / dope 'em mean) is the primary drug to which the prophet Isaiah was referring when he prophesied of the wickedness of Paul and Paul's Christians, saying, "Stay yourselves, and wonder. Cry out, and cry, 'They are drunken, but not with wine. They stagger, but not with strong drink.'" Isaiah 29.9

Now watch the great adrenaline junkie stagger back and forth, fall, and try to catch himself.

10 I never stop asking God for the privilege of finally coming to Rome to be with you Roman saints. I only want to come to Rome, though, if by the will of God, I might have a prosperous journey there.
(Oops. I had better not leave what I just said alone, because the Romans might figure out that My real goal is My own financial prosperity at their expense. Heh-heh. Let's see. How can I fix what I just said? ... Oh, yeah, I've got it.)
11 Ahem. What I really meant to say is that the only reason I want to come to Rome is because I yearn to see you so that, out of My storehouse of talents, I may give you some spiritual gift that you Roman saints don't already possess. I am such a selfless, generous guy, you know. See, the only goal I seek in My desire to come to Rome is to found and settle you Romans in the faith of Christianity.
(Oops. Heh-heh. I forgot that four verses ago I told the Romans that they were already God's beloved, called to be the saints of Jesus Christ, and that the whole world is buzzing about how faithful they are. Hmm. What can I say to fix it? ... I've got it!)
12 Ahem. What I really meant to say is that I want to come to Rome so that I may be comforted together WITH you by the MUTUAL faith that both you and I share. See, the whole world is buzzing about how called, saintly, and faithful I am, too. (Whew!)
13 See, even though you Roman brothers are world-renowned for your great faith, I don't want you beloved saints to remain ignorant of God, you know.

That Paul vacillated back and forth between super-exalting the Roman Christians as being great saints, and then turned right around and accused them of being ignorant of God further reveals how outrageously Paul practiced flattery of others to seduce them into following him.

...13 Therefore, many times I was determined to come to see you, but mean old God wouldn't let me. I've been dead set on coming to Rome so that I might have some fruit among you Romans like I do among other Gentiles, too.

And what a bunch of goofy fruit-loops Paul's tree of knowledge of good and evil produces, too. The Master warns us:

"Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. You shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles? Even so, every good tree brings forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit; neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that brings not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire. Wherefore, by their fruits you shall know them." Matthew 7.15-20

"Fruits" are the attitudes, motivations, and behaviors displayed in humans as a result of our beliefs. The evil fruits of Paul the Great are identified not only by his own thorny, irritating, idiotic attitudes, motivations and behaviors, but by those of the fruitcakes and prickly showboats who follow him. Those evil fruits include crusades, inquisitions, wars of religion, witch hunts, stake fries, persecution of Jews, slavery, "ethnic cleansings," etc. Add to the heap of murdered humanity the victimization of people of color by the white Christian fellowship of the Coop o' Clucks Clan and Dutch Reformed Church's South African apartheid. Keep adding and adding all the forms of wicked, destructive behaviors performed by Christians, and the body count totals BILLIONS DESTROYED.

The body count at the hands of Christian terrorists does not even include all the people who were turned away from believing the Son of God due to Christianity's grotesque misrepresentation of Him and His Doctrine, and who therefore lost out on their own salvation and eternal life in the Kingdom of Ultimate Bliss. They thought Christians represented the Master and His Doctrine, and that Jesus taught the Christians to act like that. All the while, the Christians were being taught to believe and behave as they did by the evil spirits and dogma of the anti-Christ Paul. The non-Christians who observed, and too often were victimized by, Christian behavior were exceedingly offended by Christian beliefs and behaviors. Therefore, the non-Christians turned away from studying and adhering to the Doctrine of the Son of God. Christianity's grotesque misrepresentation of the Master is in and of itself the number one way that Christians continue to crucify our Lord, and why "He was reckoned among the transgressors," Luke 22.37 -- the transgressors referring directly to you Christians.

Behind iniquity in the form of racism and sexism is self-exaltation. The racist and/or sexist thinks he himself is so superior to everybody outside his own particular race or gender. South Africa's apartheid was the direct result of the Christianity's (Paul's) Dutch Reformed Church's claim that people of color are less than fully human, and therefore incapable of gaining salvation. The pope's screaming, "There shall be NO ORDINATION OF WOMEN!" is just another way that Christian males exalt themselves as being so superior to us females merely because they happen to be dickheads.

In reality, those accusations are a direct, frontal attack on the power and glory of God. First of all, it's the same as saying that God did a lousy job as the Creator when he made all of us humans looking different from one another. You're not too smart, are you, Christian discriminator?

In reality, God loves variety, and He instills the same love for variety in His children. Noticing that except for identical twins, throughout human history no two human beings look exactly alike is a down-to-earth, realistic way to discover part of the essence of God -- how much He loves variety and individuality, what He does, and just how awesome His creative abilities are.

In addition, in the process of denigrating and dehumanizing blacks and females, Christians are blind to how much they mock God. Underneath such obnoxiously self-exalting fruity beliefs is the faithless, ignorant, absurd assumption that God does not have the power to teach people of color and females how to act right. Peeyu! So according to you Christian numbskulls, Goliath's size and strength makes him the greatest man who ever lived, eh, hot shot? And according to you, the human brain and heart are located in the male penis, eh?

Not only are Christians all too often addicted to the intoxication hooked to inappropriate sex, but their overall addiction to adrenaline is also blatantly obvious and severe. The number one way I see adrenaline addiction express itself in them is in their obnoxiously controlling behaviors; i.e., in the multitudes of ways that they run around attempting to make other people mind them. Day after day branches of Christian pigs rooted in Paul are out and about protesting against homosexuality, pornography, and abortion. Although I do not endorse any of the behaviors that they protest against, neither would I join the Christians. Those protests and demon-strations are forms of insurrection that actively war against God's Word. God has taught me to not let other people's inappropriate behavior sucker me into performing inappropriate behavior in reaction to their's. Each of us is to keep the focus on gaining and maintaining control over our own behavior regardless of what other people say or do. If they choose Hell, that's their choice. I do not. And I do not want their sins to so inflame me as to sucker me into committing sin in reaction to their's.

Paul's fruity madness continues (but thanks to God, only for a little while longer).

14 I am indebted to both the Greeks and the Barbarians. I am indebted to wise men and to simpletons alike. 15Now I am getting ready to duck out on My debts, and am prepared to preach as much of the Gospel of Christ as is in Me to you Romans so I can be indebted to you for all the money I'm going to sucker you out of, too. Heh-heh.
16 I am such a bold man that I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ that I preach, because My Gospel contains the power of God, and the power of God brings every one who believes Me to salvation. Mind you, when I refer to the gospel of Christ I am only referring to MY gospel, not to the Word of God contained in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. That Christ's job was only to shed His blood for Gentiles so that all of us who say that we believe in Him can go on sinning without suffering the consequences for not believing Him anymore. Heh-heh.
By contrast, My job is to teach God's Truth. The Gospel I preach is the Gospel of the Son of God our Lord Christ Jesus who was resurrected in ME. And since what I say is the Gospel that contains the power of God that leads every person who believes what I say to salvation, I am the Christ, the Messiah. And My Gospel says that the first believers who have been led to salvation are the Jews and the Greeks.
17 God is partial to Jews and Greeks, you know. By giving them salvation first, God gets to show off how He Himself practices gross iniquity. Even though God tells us to not practice discrimination, He blatantly practices iniquity Himself by expressing favoritism based on people's appearance and race. God is such a hypocrite!
How does He do it? Well, the Jews and the Greeks hold to different sets of beliefs. Greeks have faith in a multitude of pagan gods, while Jews have faith that only one real God exists. In spite of the Jews' and Greeks' divergent beliefs and faiths, God remains loyal to them all. He provides them with salvation just because they have faith in their faiths -- that what they believe in is the Truth.
How do you know that what I am saying is true? Well, because the Bible says, "The just shall live by faith."

Thus, according to Paul, when a hired gun of the Mafia shares his pay-off with the Catholic church because he wants to believe those priests who told him from childhood that he could pay his way out of purgatory into Heaven, God remains loyal to the murderer and his faith in his religion's faithlessness. Therefore, God lets the murderer prey and then pay his way into Heaven.

And, according to Paul, since:

  1. the poop Urban III told his kingdumb of Christians that if they crusaded to the Holy Land to slaughter Muslims, Jews, and Eastern Orthodox Christians, all their sins would be forgiven and they'd be guaranteed entrance to Heaven; and
  2. the Christians were stupid enough to believe and have faith in Urban III;
  3. God honored all those bloodthirsty Christians. God steadfastly welcomed every one of those murdering Christian hogs into Heaven, and He did so just because they had faith in their faith in Urban III.

And, according to Paul, when people of the Eastern religions slaughter their female infants from the belief that only males are worthy to perform idiotic rituals wherein they worship dead ancestors who are frying in hell, God will remain loyal to those murdering slimeballs for their having had such great faith in their ludicrous beliefs. He'll pat 'em on the back and let them go to Heaven, too.

And, according to Paul, when Jews keep their faith in Ezra, and thus remain extreme social snobs and racists who think they themselves are so superior to everybody else, God backs their faithfulness to Ezra's filthy commandments.

And, according to Paul, when Osama bin Laden promotes terrorism throughout the world wherein thousands of innocent people are slaughtered, God says, "Good job, bin Ladin! Just because you have faith in your ludicrous beliefs that the destruction of human life is the perfect way to practice the Golden Rule and carry on war on my behalf, I am going to reward you and your henchmen with Heaven forevermore."

And, according to Paul, when Native Americans of the Iroquois tribes:

  • invaded the tribes of other Native Americans, slaughtering innocent people,
  • and some Iroquois tribesmen got murdered in the process,
  • so remaining Iroquois went back and kidnapped some of those other tribesmen,
  • and slowly tortured those other tribesmen to death
  • because they believed that if the didn't, their slain Iroquois tribemen would come back to haunt themselves,
  • God said, "Good job! You had faith in your beliefs, so I am going to snatch you Iroquois up here to be with me forever in Heaven."

And when the Greeks worship their pagan gods, God says, "Good for you, babbling philosophical Greeks! Whether your faith is in Apollo, Aristotle, or the iconoclastic paganism of the Greek Orthodox Church, I am going to reward you with Heaven, too. I will do so because all that is required of salvation is that you Greeks have faith in your ludicrous beliefs."

And according to Paul, when Satan worshipers carry out the most shockingly evil deeds they can think of because they have faith in the belief that a pleased Satan will let them control other people in a heavenly Hell, God won't let those psychotic ignoramuses suffer eternal torment in Hell. Instead, God will reward those Satan-worshipers for having had faith in their insane beliefs. Either God will make Hell heavenly, or else He will welcome the Satan-worshipers into Heaven, too. Ain't that swell? Wouldn't you just love to spend eternity rubbing elbows with Satan-worshipers, religious Jews, Muslims, and Christians?

Throughout the world, social pressure is exerted to sucker people into believing that it's not nice to confront other people's beliefs. As already explained, we humans operate from our beliefs. Thus, mankind's succumbing to that overwhelming social pressure has only served to enable wickedness to continue and escalate to the levels of today, and is the number one enemy of God. The human compliance with, "Shut up!" runs counter to the advancement of God's Truth and the disarmament of evil. Confronting erroneous beliefs with God's Truth in order to disarm the madness is very much a duty of all of God's children. Compliance with the duty is the primary reason why serving God requires taking so many risks and carrying the cross of persecution.

If you want to know the number one way to help the victims of the Muslim terrorists' attacks on New York and Washington, D.C., the answer is, "Speak up against Islam -- the Muslim religion." Confront the Muslims' false beliefs with Truth, for Muslim false beliefs are THE SOURCE of Muslim terrorism. Muslims believe that if they are killed while slaughtering innocent people in Islamic Jidah, i.e., "Holy War," their sins will be forgiven, and they will get to shoot straight up to Heaven where they will get to indulge in fornication / adultery with 70+ beautiful women for eternity. What a bald-faced lie that blasphemes God to the nth degree! ONLY when the Word of God -- the Gospel -- is taught throughout the world shall man's inhumanity to man come to a screeching halt.

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